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Walk in God’s Favor

Do you know anyone who always seems to have things work out for them?

Cub 2 is that type of person in our den. Things just work out for his good! When he has a need or want, he will pray about it and wait for it to happen. He doesn’t just wait, though.  While he’s waiting, he’ll talk about whatever it is that  he’s waiting for…like he knows he’s going to receive it.  Even when he asks us for something and we say no.  Still, he will talk about what he’s planning to do with it, or how he will use it as if he didn’t hear us!  Sure enough, it always works out for him eventually!

After Cub 2 earned cash for his report card and science fair placement, he wanted to purchase a Robert Griffin III jersey.  Of course, we could not find a jersey within his price range, so he settled for new shoes that he found online.  I talked about it here.

A couple of weeks ago, someone at church told me that she bought a birthday present for someone and it was not the right size.  She wanted to know if it was okay for her to give it to Cub 2 because she thought it was just his size.  Being a family of six means we never turn down the gift of clothes, so of course it was okay with me!  I bet you can guess what it was…a Redskins RGIII jersey!  Cub 2 absolutely loved it!  PB and I are convinced that he has the favor of God!

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I’m starting to follow Cub 2’s example.  No more “if” statements coming from these lips!  No, no!!  God is pleased when we put our faith and trust in Him.  If I say that God is going to bless me, then I should act like I expect to be blessed!  I mean, I am His child!

I’m making a conscious effort to speak more “when” statements.  Cub 2 never said “if I get a RGIII jersey…”, he said “when I get my RGIII jersey…”  Now, with his birthday approaching, we’re hearing a lot more “when” statements from Cub 2.  My prior knowledge tells me that if he’s prayed about it, he will receive it because his faith is strong.  Eventually, it’s going to work out!

photo 2

Do you have any “if” statements that you need to turn into “when” statements?  Pray about it, have faith and believe, and watch God’s favor take over!

Only God’s favor would allow a Washington Redskins jersey to be worn in a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan’s house! Lol!

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Off and Running!