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Party of Seven?!

We had the most adorable little girl cub here with us last night!  The cubs fell in love with her instantly!


We all found it hard to say good-bye to her this morning.


Her name is Kennedy, and she is my sweet (and easy to cub-sit) great niece.

Having an extra cub in the den gave us a glimpse at what having five cubs would feel like…wow!  What an adjustment that would be! Lol! Some of you remember how much of a cry baby I was when I found out that Cub 4 was on her way.  It wasn’t because we didn’t want another cub; we’d always planned for four cubs.  However, in my well-planned world, Cub 4 wasn’t supposed to arrive until 2012.  We just didn’t have the time to prepare for another cub in the way that I felt was needed.  I stressed and cried and stressed and cried until I started getting on my own nerves!  God had always provided for us.  Wouldn’t He do it this time as well?  Of course, He did!

One of my good friends at work was getting rid of a set of bunk beds and asked if we’d like them for Cubs 1 and 2 who were getting ready to share a room.

He supplied all of our needs.

Another friend at work asked if I wanted her daughter’s toddler bed for Cub 3 because she was moving into a “big girl” bed.  She not only gave us the bed, but also the mattress and bedding!

He supplied all of our needs.

The first time PB installed the car seat for the ride home from the hospital, we knew right away that our vehicle was no longer big enough.  We needed more room for two car seats, a booster seat, a double stroller, and more.  We were able to purchase a bigger vehicle for just $50 more in our monthly payment.

He supplied all of our needs

…and He keeps on providing.  Even when we certainly don’t deserve it!  I’ve learned that it’s better to trust God’s timing and to surrender to His will.

We are in another (what could be) stressful transition for the Party of Six.  This time, though, there are no stress-driven tears!  Why not?  It’s because of Philippians 4:19 – And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Try it this week.  When worry, anxiety, or stress try to overtake your mind, just think:  “He will supply all of my needs.”  Pray specific prayers.  I’ll pray for you too, if you’d like!

Off and running!


15 thoughts on “Party of Seven?!”

  1. Thank you for the reminder and the confirmation from Phillipians 4. Worry, anxiety and stress are ever present as the school year comes to an end. And, they follow me home – I live with a teenager who is driving! This week I will pray specific prayers and lean on God’s promises.

  2. Yes! I remember the TEARS and the people looking at you in Safeway like you were crazy…..LOL!

    Sister/friend, God always has something for YOU! A key for every problem, A relief for every sorrow and a PLAN for every tomorrow!

    As always praying you/yall.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. It’s just what I needed at this moment. I continue to lift you and the family up in prayer. What a blessing you continue to be to all that have the pleasure to know you. He will supply our needs….

  4. Once again Renee you read my thoughts and concerns…do you have that extension cord plug from Maryland to Virginia via Heaven bound….because I know God is telling you to please help that “child” stay calm and focus. Love Ya Sis 🙂

  5. So true. What an inspiration you are. God has always provided. You may go through a storm but he holds it off until you are strong enough to withstand it.

  6. Blessings on all that you do. Blessed summer with your crew. I’m helping with VBS next week and bringing six little grands with me. Keep those prayers coming and I’ll do the same. Love, Lynda


    1. Oh how awesome!! Our VBS is next week. I bet you’ll have so much fun with your grands there with you! Continuously praying for you, my friend!

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