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Uneven Shoe Laces

Waking up without an alarm clock buzzing in my ear this morning was wonderful and for a brief moment, I felt like I was on vacation.  Just a brief moment, though, because in no time at all I was arguing with Cub 4 about why she couldn’t have mac n cheese for breakfast, and discovering that Cub 3 left a huge mess of (now hard) Play Doh all over the floor and table in the basement.  Nevertheless, the reality of parenting has me up and making plans for our day.

Cub 1 has been with my MB since Wednesday.  They are in Hampton this weekend for the Virginia United Methodist Annual Conference.  The rest of the Party enjoyed Vacation Bible School at FBC this week.  Our goal today is to get in a little bit of summer clothes shopping for Cub 2 and tennis shoes for Cub 3.  Cub 3 doesn’t want just any tennis shoes.  She wants tennis shoes with shoe laces because she wants to learn how to tie them this summer.  We’ve already checked a few places, and it’s difficult to find shoes for little people with shoe laces.  There’s plenty of velcro, sandals, and flip flops though!  Shoe laces are such a pain, but my girl is determined to learn a new skill this summer, so we will search until we find the perfect pair.


My boy cubs struggle with shoe laces.  Cub 1 doesn’t really tie his shoes most of the time.  He just tightens them and tucks the ends down into his shoes.  Cub 2 always manages to mess up his laces when tightening or loosening them also.  They just turn into a confusing, unbalanced ordeal.  Finally, he asks for help, and I have to take the time to adjust them to get them nice and even again.  Recently while fixing one of his shoes, I noticed that they looked pretty good and were able to be tied, but Cub 2 didn’t tighten all of the laces.  A few of them (closer to the base) were loose.  The loose laces at the bottom was what kept the strings from being even at the top.  I had to stop and thank God for the lesson through the laces!


Life events can be messed up laces.  Eight years ago, PB and I made a decision without God that we’ve been paying for ever since (a loose lace).  We didn’t deal with our “loose lace” appropriately, but we kept trying to keep the other laces in neat order.  It may have looked decent and neat, but we just let that loose lace stay there and eventually that loose lace affected everything else we did.  It never got better…only worse…until we had to hand over our uneven shoe laces to God so that He could fix what we could not.  We were frustrated and tired of trying to fix it on our own.


Aren’t you thankful that we serve a God of second (and 3rd, 4th, or 5th) chances?  We are all capable of making mistakes with lacing our shoes.  A wrong choice can change the course of your life, and one day you stop and ask yourself – How did I ever get to this place?!  I guarantee you that there’s a loose shoe lace somewhere that you’ve been ignoring.  Here’s the reality – even though you’ve ignored it, it’s not going away until you deal with it.  It will affect every other decision you make.  Stop trying to handle it on your own, and give it to God to fix.

Off and Running!


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  1. Great Job, Rene! Well Said! What I Love About My God is that when our laces get loose, he gives us time, and time and time to tighten them up. (obedience) Having that “Relationship” with him make those shoes not only more comfortable, but stronger in the “Faith” Lov U

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