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From Home to House and Back Again

Wow!  I have been told to stay in bed while my cubs and PB work on making me a belated birthday breakfast in bed!  This is very hard for me, so I thought I’d take my mind off of what is happening downstairs (that I cannot help with) by updating the blog.

Hmmm…where do I start?  I think it’s appropriate to start by thanking God for answered prayers…

…happy cubs in the midst of a lot of transitions,

…a successful surgery for PB,

…my super MB who helped us move and clean,

…an always supportive church family,

…encouraging friends and family,

…a realtor who knows the power of prayer, and

…a house to call home.

Mmm!  The breakfast aroma is making its way upstairs now!!  Everything must be going well downstairs.

Anyway, we’ve spent the first part of 2013 in transition.  Once we made the decision to sell our home, we had to take the time to turn it into a house.  Meaning, we had to take “us” out of our home so that prospective buyers could focus on the house and not our stuff.

From this…
008 - Copy
…to this!

The house was bare to us.  When we moved the big stuff out, the only signs of us having lived there were stained carpets and dents in the wall from a little too much horse-playing.

From this…
photo (4)
…to this!

Our cubs were our biggest concern with moving away from what they’ve always known, especially for cubs 2, 3, and 4.  However, they’ve shown me that it’s not the house that makes it home.  It’s all six of us being together in the same place.  Whether it’s decorated with our stuff or not.  Whether it has five bedrooms or not.  Whether the yard is big or not.  It’s about the five other people that I share this space with that makes me thankful every morning for shelter. Period.

Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing.

Off and Running!