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Sloppy Work


See those bushes in the picture? They tried to take me out!

The Saturday before we left for vacation was a busy, full day. I was up early Saturday morning to take Cub 1 to the church to meet the rest of the youth group going to Kings Dominion for the day. After dropping him off, I headed into Virginia to drop Kodi (our Shih Tzu) off at her vacation home for the week. On my way back home, I made a mental To-Do list as to what else had to be accomplished before leaving the next day:

Figure out something fun for the other cubs to do since (according to them) it wasn’t fair that Cub 1 was having fun without them.

Refill prescriptions for Cub 4.

Find the nearest CVS in order to refill Cub 4’s prescriptions.

Pick up new swimwear for Cubs 2 and 3.

Pack for the week.

Finish doing laundry in order to pack for the week.

Fit in a 40 minute workout.

Comb the girl cubs’ hair so that it was very low maintenance…really no maintenance…for the whole week.

Just typing this list of things to do makes me chuckle at the fact that I actually thought I could get all of this done in one day and evening – all before having to go back to the church at 10:30 to pick up Cub 1. In reality, we only completed a few things on my list.

We took the other cubs to the mall. Just the day before, PB and I went to the mall and discovered a moon bounce room, an arcade, and a toddler play area that we thought would keep them all entertained for a few hours. Well, our plans to return on Saturday were squashed when we arrived at the mall to find out that the moon bounce room was closed due to a private birthday party and the arcade was just closed. So, Cubs 3 and 4 played for a few minutes in the toddler area.



We felt bad for Cub 2, so we decided to take him to lunch at what’s becoming a new favorite restaurant, Glory Days. By the time we finished lunch, we were running out of time. We knew that a lot of our purchases could be taken care of by one trip to my new beloved WalMart Super Center. While there, we picked up a new hose and sprinklers for the lawn. We told the cubs that they would be able to run through the sprinklers so that we could spend more time finishing up laundry and packing.

At this point, it was around 5:00 and most important on my list was finding the nearest CVS to refill Cub 4’s prescriptions. Before I could leave to search for CVS, I had to hook up the hose and sprinklers for the cubs. Now, this is where the bushes come in. One faucet is right behind the row of big bushes. Quite convenient, but I’m not a fan of little creatures that jump, hiss, bite, slither, etc., so stepping behind the bush to screw in the hose was something that I did not want to do.


No, that wasn’t for me, so I decided to stand on the top step and unsteadily reach down behind the bush instead. It kinda worked! I successfully screwed in the hose, but didn’t clearly think through the process of raising my body from a leaning position back up to a standing position. If you hadn’t already guessed by now, I fell. Face first. Full body. Into the first big bush.

As I struggled to lift or roll myself out of the bush, I saw and felt all kinds of little things jumping and flying around me! Obviously, I disrupted the home of some now very unhappy insects and other critters! When I did manage to stand up again, I found out that there really was plenty of space behind the bushes for me to stand and to connect the hose without all of the extra effort and struggle I took to sloppily connect the hose my own unique way. I wasted about 30 minutes off the clock to shower and treat my bug bites, cuts, and scrapes that I had gained. When I finally got dressed again and out the door to find a drug store, I had accomplished nothing because the pharmacy at the closest CVS was already closed for the day! I still had two unfilled prescriptions!

So, do not follow my example when you find yourself facing your own big bush situation. Proverbs 18:9 (MSG) says “Slack habits and sloppy work are as bad as vandalism.”

I say, “Slack habits and sloppy work can cause vandalism to your body!”

Off and Running!