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Keep Going!

baby wipes

“You are not a teacher anymore.”

 “You’re just a parent now.”

“You’re now on the outside looking in.”

“I think maybe I should be the only one volunteering at school this year.”


These were some of PB’s responses to my complaints. Complaints about our new school system.  Complaints about my cubs’ school supply lists.  I just could not believe some of the things that the teachers at their schools were requesting! Eight boxes of tissue, five boxes of baby wipes, AA batteries, Ziploc bags (all sizes), three boxes of 24ct crayons, 10 pks of Post-It notes…are you kidding me?!  We are preparing to dish out a huge chunk of money for just school supplies for our three school-aged cubs!  So, I announced that I was planning to ask some questions about their lists.  We didn’t have such things in our previous school system!  Was I already turning into one of those high maintenance, difficult parents that I dreaded as a teacher?  I had to do a little attitude adjusting today.  Maybe I’m over-reacting…a little.  Maybe I’m missing Waldorf…a little. Maybe I’m missing my Malcolm family…a lot.  Maybe I’m just as nervous as my cubs are about this new adventure into the unknown…a little.

Doing anything new – starting a new job, changing careers, moving to a different town, a new school year – can cause us to second guess our decisions.  We may ask ourselves if we made the right decision, or are we setting ourselves up for failure.  Well, let me encourage you to KEEP GOING!  Don’t give up at the first sign of trouble.  Trouble will always find its way into any and every situation, but that doesn’t mean that we are suppose to tuck our tail between our legs and run back to what we left behind and what was comfortable (but not necessarily fulfilling).

post its

KEEP GOING!  We cannot be like the Israelites wanting to return to Egypt – a life of slavery – after wandering around in the desert longer than they probably imagined.  There was something about the past that was not working for us, so we have to keep going even if there are bumps along the way.  I will (eventually) get over these outrageous school supply lists.  The bigger picture is that I get to hang up the teacher hat for a little while, so that I can wear the Momma Bear hat full-time.  For that, I am grateful!

Off and Running!


5 thoughts on “Keep Going!”

  1. I’ve missed something. But Hurrah for having the opportunity to be Mama Bear for a while. Where have you moved? I’m trying to help with school supplies for one family with four children and the high school lists are horribly expensive, with individual teachers all wanting different kinds of things. Blessings in your new role. Fondly, Lynda


    1. Hi Lynda! Yes, we have moved! Still in MD, just a different county for now. The school supplies are outrageous! Bless you for helping out! I know that family appreciates it!

  2. Renee, once a teacher always a teacher, but I’m happy you get to play the MB role at this point in your life. We, who are teachers miss so much because the roles are reversed.. We have to wear the Mommy hat second and our kids miss out. Cherish your new role .

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