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Surface or Substance?

What’s one of the first things you do when you arrive at a hotel?  Do you test out the bed?  Check out the closet space? Make sure the bathroom has enough towels?

In Our Party of Six, we head straight for the windows and/or balcony.  We love checking out our view!


Waking up to a view of the ocean is always wonderful.




Wondering whether or not you’ll be greeted by deer or other friends in nature? Not so wonderful!




If our view is fabulous, then that equates to our stay being fabulous.  That used to be my theory.  Our last hotel stay of the summer wasn’t quite what we expected.  We were at a hotel with beautifully manicured gardens.  When we were told that we were on the second floor, I thought for sure we would wake up to view the beautiful flowers and well-manicured lawn each morning, but instead we had this:

photo (11)

photo (13)

photo (12)

We could barely catch a glimpse of the sky!  If I hadn’t been so tired from traveling, I would’ve talked PB into going back down to the lobby and requesting a room with a better view of something!  Thankfully, our view didn’t resemble anything close to the awesome time we had at the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention.  Learning about different mission projects going on around the world addressing the needs for food, shelter, schools, equipment, and most importantly God’s love, made our rooftop view a “surface” issue.  All of the “substance” received last week helped me to keep the main thing the main thing!

Who cares if the sanctuary is too cold during the summer!  Bring a sweater so that you don’t miss the Message.  Someone somewhere would love to hear a Message every Sunday in an air-conditioned building.

Who cares if your child doesn’t get the teacher that you wanted them to have!  Stay involved in your child’s education.  Someone somewhere just wants to be able to go to school.

So what if your favorite dessert isn’t available at your favorite restaurant that you visit on a weekly basis.  Someone somewhere is just wondering when they’ll get their next meal.

Get past the surface; dig deeper to find the substance.

Off and Running!