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Back To School Week

Well, I’ve lost my bankcard again.  It wasn’t stolen, I’ve just misplaced it.  PB and the boys left out early this morning to cut the grass back at the old house and to get hair cuts.  That left the girls and I stuck here for now because I need PB’s card (and I need to search the truck for my card) before we can go food shopping.  So, the girls and I have exercised, played, watched Frosty the Snowman and The Little Rascals.  They are now napping, so I decided to check in with my blog family.

Our super fast summer will officially be over on Monday.  Everyone is registered at their new schools.  Cub 2 will begin school on Monday, Cub 1 will begin on Tuesday, and Cub 3 will go on Thursday.    Cubs 2 and 3 met their teachers yesterday.  Their school is ginormous, but they were most excited about having lockers!



Cub 1’s middle school is even more ginormous than the elementary, but his counselor did a great job of easing his mind (and mine) by explaining thoroughly how his first week of school would be set up.  She even has a student in mind who matches Cub 1’s personality that she plans to introduce him to next week.  [insert a big exhale]


Although I’m still trying to get over how much we spent in school supplies this year — by the way, PB is available for revivals to make up for the cost — I am excited about this school year because my cubs are excited.  It’s going to be one exciting week in Our Party of Six!

My next task will be keeping Cub 4 entertained and engaged in something(s) throughout the school day while her brothers and sister are away.  Will it be dance, gymnastics, or a play group?? We’ll see!!

Off and Running!

3 thoughts on “Back To School Week”

  1. Oh yeah, hope you find your bank card. I am forever losing mine. I always find it after I’ve gotten a replacement. LMBO. I am trying be more responsible about it and so far I’ve kept up with it for a month.

  2. You two can have your own Mini-School a couple of days a week so she won’t feel left out. LOL
    You’re going to have a ball! I can see you two at Wal-Mart or Target almost daily. I’ll have to send you some really neat craft projects for you to tackle. Seriously, you’ll probably not have enough time in a day to accomplish everything you’d like to. Just enjoy being a stay-at-home Mom. I’ll have to pass the word that PB is available for extra preaching engagements and revivals. (Smiles)
    So glad it looks like Micah’s teacher is on point and ready to tackle the educational and social needs of Micah. Leah looks like she’s ready and as usual Elijah is in his comfort zone. Wishing all 3 of the cubs a spectacular year in their new school system. AND their MB a fulfilling year as she assumes the mother role full-time. Love you, PB, and all the cubs in your den.

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