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It’s my day off!  Thursdays have become the day that PB handles pretty much everything, including keeping Cub 4, so that I can have uninterrupted time to do whatever I want to do.  I did prepare breakfast this morning and see everyone off to school, but I’m crawling back in bed as soon as I finish typing my Optimistic October post for the day.


This is Cub 2 playing around (not practicing) on his drum pad. Just in case you were wondering, the drum pad is just as annoying as the real thing. Cub 2 hasn’t really enjoyed band class yet because they have spent the first few weeks learning how to take care of their instruments. He’s learned how to take out and put away his equipment.  He’s learned how to put up and take down the snare drum stand. They spent a whole class session just practicing that!  He’s also learned how to correctly hold his sticks. He wanted to jump right into tapping out cadences that you’d hear from Nick Cannon in the movie, Drumline.  We have to remind him that eventually, he will play like Devon, the main character in Drumline, but later.  In the movie, Devon makes it all the way to college on a music scholarship, but it was soon discovered that he couldn’t read music and he was kicked out of the band.  Finally (because there has to be a happy ending), Devon takes the necessary classes to perfect his craft and leads the band to victory in a band competition.

It happens all of the time. We want to sprint through life instead of treating it like the marathon that it is. We want whatever we want NOW and if NOW takes too long to get here, we may look for another route to get to what we want.  If I’m going to run a marathon, I’m not going to make it very far if I bust out into a full sprint from the start! However, if I pace myself – not just on the day of the race – I’ll do much better! It begins with training and conditioning and learning how to keep at it even when there are setbacks.  Then, when the day of the race comes I’ll be ready and well-prepared!

My point is this:  there are some things we must do at a turtle’s pace because there are lessons we need to learn along the way. You may not become the CEO after a month of working for a company.  If you’re running a race today, know that you are going to finish it! Keep at it!  Observe, listen, and learn while you’re headed to the finish line.

Off and Running (back to bed)!


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  1. I had same issue with Matthew he could play by ear the saxophone didn’t want to play the practice pieces. That appears to have carried forward in life. He wants the end result with realizing the value of the practice. But who amongst us doesn’t. Maturity and consistency will show him just how valuable that practice was.

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