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Optimistic October

It’s not easy to be optimistic with so much negativity, hatred, and turmoil happening all around us, but I’m making a conscious effort to find the positive in every day this month.  A few years ago when PB was preparing for radiation, finishing up his doctorate work, and starting a new pastorate – all things that I really couldn’t help with – I decided to send him an encouraging text message every morning of radiation just to let him know that he was on my mind and had my support.  He started looking forward to them, and sometimes he even had to remind me that I hadn’t sent one.  Initially, I really hadn’t thought about the effect that my daily text messages might have on him because really they were meant to make me feel better about not being able to be there for him; with him physically, but they were being helpful to him.  So, feel free to hold me accountable this month.  Hopefully, my positive vibes will overflow to each of you as you deal with your own circumstances.  So, here goes…

We all slept in a little longer this morning because fall revival is happening at First Baptist.  We all came in the house last night, jumped into our pajamas, and went to sleep.  We didn’t shower, we didn’t get outfits picked out for today, and we didn’t even clean last night’s dinner dishes.  Sleeping in and not having anything ready for today meant that our morning went by fast and full of tension and frustration.  Cubs 1 and 2 still had unfinished homework to complete.  PB and I still had school forms that didn’t get filled out the evening before.  Right before picking up backpacks to head out, Cub 3 decided that she wanted to pack her lunch instead of buying (too late!) and she became weepy when I told her that we didn’t have time to pack a lunch.  Everyone managed to get cleaned up, dressed and fed.  School papers were filled out, signed, and placed back into the correct cubs’ folders and we were off to school on time (yes!).

When Cub 4 and I walked back into the house this morning, I was greeted by Cub 2’s folder with his signed papers still sitting on the island in the kitchen.

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Darn it!  Now, I’m hoping he doesn’t get in trouble for not bringing his folder back.  Some teachers forget that kids (and parents) make mistakes.  Some teachers aren’t so willing to be forgiving when their students (or parents) make mistakes.  Trust me, I used to be one of those teachers.  That is, until I became a parent and realized that we make mistakes because life happens.  It’s not all about ME and it’s not all about YOU!  Everyone makes mistakes…and it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it…okay, you can throw yourself a pity party for a few minutes, but then get up, fix your face, and try again.  Learn from it and keep moving!  You are forgiven!

Off and Running (back to the school)!