Pastor Appreciation Month

October is…


When I first thought about this goal to have an optimistic October by posting something positive everyday, I gave myself Sundays off because, well, it’s Sunday (really no excuse). Today at our church, twelve new deacons were dedicated to service and boy, was it a beautiful service! I don’t brag on PB very much, but he really did preach his face off this morning! October is Clergy/Pastor Appreciation Month, but I couldn’t really think of a way to find something positive about it that would be helpful for my blog family. It might be a stretch, but maybe if we keep these tips in mind as we appreciate our pastor(s) this month, I’m sure it will have a positive effect on him or her. By the way, these are in no particular order.

1. Go to church.
2. Serve in your church.
3. Tithe to your church.
4. Sermon prep takes a lot of prayer and meditation, so let your pastor know when a sermon makes a difference in your life.
5. Respect their day(s) off.
6. Pray for them (they pray for you constantly).
7. Follow them as they follow Christ.
8. Remember that they are human and make mistakes.
9. Allow them to be a spouse first.
10. Allow them to be a parent second.
11. Be accepting of you being the third most important group of people in their lives.
12. Keep in mind that you’re not the only member, so if they don’t call and pray over your big toe right after you stomp it, there’s no need in having an attitude.
13. Love on their spouse.
14. Love on their child(ren).
15. Study the bible.
16. Share what you’ve learned from your pastor with others.
17. Be aware that they are called to preach the Truth, so any issues you have with delivery should be kept between you and the Holy Spirit.
18. Keep your church family lifted in prayer.
19. No pedestals needed; they will fall (or get pushed off) guaranteed.
20. Thank God for the pastor(s) in your life!


Off and Running!


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  1. You hit it right on the nose Sis!!!!! Keep on Preaching and teaching it! God is not through with us, he has work for all of us to do and to do it accordingly.

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