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What Type of Tree Are You?

It’s field trip day for Cub 3!!  Her first field trip as a kindergartener!


I wish I could go with her today, but someone has to be available for the other cubs.  Plus, it’s an outdoor field trip which means there is the opportunity to encounter reptiles and things that, you know, live outside – and I don’t do well in that environment!  PB will be meeting her and the rest of the children at the field trip site.  Today, he will be an activity leader.  He is responsible for a lesson that involves rowing groups of students around a lake to talk about things they find in the water using seine nets.  They will also discuss the type of land and trees found in the cove.  The overall field trip focuses on the importance of trees.  One lesson is on erosion.  Erosion can happen as a result of rain that makes the soil muddy and washes it away from the shoreline over time.  There are trees around this cove that slow down the erosion process.  Their roots are deep and strong because they are next to an ample amount of water.  What a great lesson!


We have so much stuff (muddy water) thrown at us each day.  It’s so important to be connected to God (the water source).  It makes our roots strong!  When the rain comes and sends muddy water our way, we can stand firm and planted (practicing our faith) and still produce great fruit!  I want to be a strong standing tree!


He will be like a tree that is planted by water. It will send its roots down to a stream. It will not be afraid in the heat of summer. Its leaves will turn green. It will not be anxious during droughts. It will not stop producing fruit.  ( Jeremiah 17: 8)

What type of tree (Christian) are you going to be?  A Sunday-only tree? An Easter and Christmas tree?  If you need stronger roots, try adding a bible study class into your week.  Find a good daily devotional plan to follow.  The Bible app is a great resource with all types of plans for you to choose from.  Spend some time in prayer and meditation.  Your roots will become stronger and you will find that your worries will decrease.  There will still be muddy water sent your way to try to knock you down, but you will be unmovable!!

Off and Running!


2 thoughts on “What Type of Tree Are You?”

  1. What a beautiful growing crew you have. Three of our grands entered kindergarten this year. No more little ones. Good analogy about the trees. Fond memories of our year together at JWES. Our oldest who entered kindergarten that year is now in her senior year of h.s. How quickly the time goes by. Haven’t seen N W in several years since she transferred nearer to her home. So many to keep up with. Fondly, Lynda


    1. I just found a copy of the yearbook from the year and a half I spent there at JWES. I keep up with N.W. on Facebook, as well as many of the others in my cohort. It was the best experience working with such a helpful staff!

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