Encourage Yourself

Cub 4 is the happiest on the days when she goes to her class at MyGym.  She loves tumbling and jumping and having free time to play in the pit of balls in between exercises.  Each week there are new obstacles to work their arm, leg, and tummy muscles.

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As they finish each task, they stand straight up with their hands in the air and say, “I did it!”

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There are some days that we face obstacles without any cheerleaders.  No one is around to say great job on that last project.  You might not hear someone tell you that getting all of the laundry done in one day was an amazing feat considering the length of your to-do list.  But go ahead and pat yourself on the back!  Kiss your brain!  Wrap your arms around yourself and hug you as tight as you can!  Fist bump yourself!  No need to sit around and wait for accolades from others.  Some days you just have to be the one to encourage yourself when you know you’ve done your best!

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Off and Running!