Rest Yourself

The rumbling of little feet coming up the stairs was an indication that it was 4:00. Nap time for PB and I was getting ready to end, and our cubs were using words like “famished” and “starving” to describe how hungry they were since they had to wait for us to nap before heading out for dinner. Seriously, by the time I get to Sunday, I’m running on “E”.  We were on our way to church yesterday morning, and I was already looking forward to my Sunday afternoon nap! No nap means no rest.  No rest means no happy mama bear.  No happy mama bear means no happy Party of Six.  No happy Party of Six means not a whole lot of optimism for October (or any month)! We cut our nap short yesterday and I’m paying for it today.

Had I taken our normal full nap yesterday, I wouldn’t be so annoyed with my bumpy cart at the store and forgetting where I parked when I came out and the Verizon lady who forgot to give me an activation code for the set box and being greeted by Cub 3 who is too excited that her teacher said her homework was to play outside today (really?!) and finally to type all of this to about this point and with the wrong move of my finger having it all deleted!!!!

REST!!! It’s so important! Remember the sabbath and keep it holy. That simply means that you need to take a day to rest (naps are good) and focus on God…no work. It will help you stay optimistic, even in the midst of a not-so-great day!

Off and Running (to finish my nap)!