Parking Problems

I’m sitting in the car riders lane at Cub 1’s school. It’s all peaceful and quiet for now, but in a few minutes when the students are dismissed, we will all fight to get out of this driveway as quickly as possible. The closer you can get to the door, the faster your kid can jump in the car, and the quicker you can be on your way. There are many who get to the school more than thirty minutes before the dismissal bell so that their exiting strategy is problem-free.


Today, this green Mustang cut into our line by trying to squeeze into a parking space closer to the door.  My first thought was “Oh no she didn’t!” {complete with neck rolling}. It’s a curved space, and I watched her pull up and go back and pull up and go back many times to get into that space.  I wanted so bad for her not to be able to fit there because she came driving in just a few minutes before the bell was to ring!  Watching that car and thinking about the nerve of this woman who broke unofficial car courtesy rules, reminded me of another car lot experience.

One morning, PB and I were on our way into Walmart, and while walking toward the door, we saw a car trying to pull out and around a minivan which was parked beside him.  There was a young guy behind the wheel trying to pull out of his parking space and turn right, but he didn’t pull out far enough so he scraped the front side of the minivan parked next to him. Once he realized that he was doing more damage trying to continue forward, he backed up and tried again, but he was still tapping the front of this minivan.  Being the “good Samaritan” that he is, PB helped the young man back up (more scraping) and pull forward again to get out of the parking space. Unfortunately, the young man pulled out and left the parking lot without stepping out to look at the damaged he caused to the van or his own vehicle. He didn’t leave a note for the other person or anything!  When we first realized what was happening, we memorized the license plate number. We also wrote down the tags on the minivan, and left it at the service desk once we walked into the store.  The nerve!!! He asked for help to get out of his predicament, and then went along his merry way without another thought for the minivan owner.

I just wish that we had more honest people in this world!  Maybe we do, but we don’t always read or hear about them.  We are, however, overloaded with stories about dishonest people everyday.  Unfortunately, you may work with such a person, go to church with such a person, be married to such a person, or you are that person!  It’s hard to keep quiet when someone does wrong to you, your family or friends, or anyone else.  In order to keep a positive outlook when something like this happens to you, remember this scripture in Romans, Chapter 12:

Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone.  If you’ve got it in you, get along with everybody.  Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do.  “I’ll do the judging,” says God.  “I’ll take care of it.”

Simply put – God’s got it!  We don’t need to do anything. Vengeance is His!

Off and Running!