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God’s Best Gifts!

“I just answered that question!”

“Why haven’t you started your work?”

“Pay attention!”

“I just told you what to do, didn’t you listen?”

“It’s been 15 minutes and you still don’t have anything written down.”

Welcome to the world of a student with ADHD.  They look like everybody else in the class.  They talk like everybody else in the class.  They get treated like everybody else in the class.  Unfortunately, they are not like everybody else in the class.  Unfortunately, some teachers teach them as if they are like everybody else in the class.  They definitely don’t feel like a part of the class AT ALL.

October is ADHD Awareness Month.

This was Cub 1’s world up until this year.  God has placed us in a school that works for Cub 1 now.  Cub 1 was diagnosed at age 5.  The older he gets, the more control he displays.  He is learning what works best for him in order to be successful in daily activities.

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Parenting is hard at times.  Parenting a cub with specific needs that are not “normal” in our society is even harder.  You just have to remember that children are God’s best gift!  He chose you to parent the cub(s) that you have for a reason.  I’ve learned patience, perseverance, and to rely on God like never before through parenting Cub 1.  We have to be our cubs’ biggest cheerleaders!


Off and Running!