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Cut the Cord

I’m signing off of social media for a few days to have some uninterrupted PB time!! So, I’m scheduling a few posts that will appear over the weekend. They will be from a sermon that PB and I preached together for Marriage Ministry Sunday at FBCNB called “The Journey to Becoming One.”  If you were there, sorry for the repeat! You can skip the next few blog posts! 🙂 If you weren’t there, I hope you enjoy these short summaries of our main points.


Genesis 2:24  Therefore a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh.

How do two become one?

We have to remember that it’s not our parents’ marriage.  Trying to make your marriage into what your parents have or had will only bring about misery.  There has to be a new set of traditions that incorporate a little from both sets of parents.  What God provides in a marriage is an opportunity to build your own nest and your own identity with your partner.  If the relationship is not satisfying to you, perhaps that’s not the person God intended for you to be with.  In order to become one you have to cut the cord (men!).

Did you marry a “mama’s boy” or “daddy’s girl” and you can’t quite measure up to your spouse’s expectations?  It’s time to begin a discussion about letting your parents’ relationships go and doing your own, new thing.

Off and Running!


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