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Keeping It Real

My uninterrupted PB time has been wonderful!! So, here is the last point from the sermon that PB and I preached together for Marriage Ministry Sunday at FBCNB called “The Journey to Becoming One”.  I hope you’ve enjoyed learning that 1) the journey begins with God, 2) you have to leave your parents out of it – cut the chord, 3) embrace or cling to each other, and here is the final point.

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Genesis 2:25  The two of them, the Man and his Wife, were naked, but they felt no shame.

How do two become one?

You must be authentic with your God-given partner.  If you can’t be real with your partner, then you will be living in misery.  Ladies, it’s okay to be seen without the makeup.  Guys, you don’t have to walk around holding your breath trying to keep that gut tucked in.  Expose the bad credit.  Expose the wrinkles.

Being authentic means ‘I’m not afraid to expose myself because he/she has my back and I don’t have to worry about whatever I expose coming back to haunt me later.’  Everyone doesn’t need to know your business, but you shouldn’t hide anything from your spouse.

Being vulnerable and authentic with your spouse is the greatest gift ever for your marriage.  We are vulnerable when we are sick, poor, or bad, but it’s alright when we are with the person God has called us to.

Relationships are identified by how we handle the bad.  Every day isn’t going to be like the wedding day.  Don’t just look for someone to be happy with, you have to find someone who will struggle with you. Otherwise, when things go bad, the relationship suffers as well.  Keep it real!

Off and Running!


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