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Is That You Again, Martha?!

I’m having some issues with my hair, y’all. I’ve never had so many problems getting my hair to act right!  I know that our hair texture changes every 6-7 years as we grow, but I’m a little concerned about the next few years if my hair doesn’t calm down.

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Just this weekend, PB prepared a beautiful, romantic, candle-lit bubble bath for me, and I was blown away (as always) by his creativity.  I quickly got settled into the tub only to realize that I did not take the time to put my hair up, and  the bottom 3 inches of my hair was soaked.  Every single thought after that was about my hair!

Now I’m gonna have to blow dry it as soon as I get out of here…My hair is going to feel like straw because I’m not going to use conditioner…How am I going to tame this stuff in the morning so that I don’t look too scary at the gym?

I know you’re thinking, “Seriously, MB?”, but yep!  That was it!  While in my sweet smelling, soft music playing, warm bath, I let my little anxious mini-Martha come out!

Martha was the sister (in Luke 10) that ran around worried and upset about preparing for Jesus when he came to visit her and Mary.  Mary just sat at Jesus’ feet, and Martha was not happy.  She asked Jesus, “Don’t you care that Mary has left all of this [cleaning and cooking] for me to do?”  Jesus said, “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (v42)  Can’t you just picture Mary turning and poking her tongue out at Martha?   I would’ve responded like, “Um, hello Martha?!  JESUS is at our house!  It’s JESUS, for goodness sake!  Don’t you think you should be listening to him, too?!  He is better than anything we could offer him in this house!”

Poor Martha!  I feel her frustration, though, because that was me just the other night worried about my wet hair!  Does your mini-Martha find her way into your actions and words sometimes?  Try asking yourself “What is better?”  Choose prayer instead of the pity party.  Choose worship instead of worry.  Choose praising instead of pouting.  I’m choosing to tell my mini-Martha to get lost!  She almost ruined a wonderful night with my PB!

Off and Running (with a ponytail)!