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Scaredy Cub

Last night was long…again.  Cub 3 had been anticipating being scared for the past two nights.  That means she didn’t sleep very much.  That means Poppa Bear (PB) and I didn’t sleep very much either.  She worried about the types of costumes she would see at school and around the neighborhood today.  She expected the worst and we expected more sleepless nights.

This morning, we shared with Cub 3 that she would not be able to go out on a candy hunt because we wanted her to be able to sleep tonight.  Of course, she was not happy.

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

Instead of going out with her cub siblings, I went out and bought cupcake mix and a couple of craft projects for her to help me with while I passed out candy.  By the time she got home from school, she had made a deal to go out candy hunting just in our culdesac, and then she would be dropped off back at home to bake and paint.  We started the baking before they all left.



The cupcakes were ready before she returned to home.  After she was dropped off, she chose five pieces of candy to eat, then she was ready to paint gift bags/lunch bags for me.




By the time she started painting, the rest of the cubs were back at home and they wanted to participate in Cub 3’s activities.  Cubs 2 and 4 also painted bags.



Then, Cubs 3 and 4 put icing and pumpkin-picks into the cupcakes.



Cub 3 ended up having a great night afterall!  She enjoyed the home activities more than candy hunting (and so did her siblings) and she went to bed with happy thoughts on her mind instead of scary costumes.

As parents, we sometimes have to make decisions for our children that they may not necessarily like.  Our cubs can pout and whine and moan about our decisions to allow them to do certain things or to go certain places better than any other cubs out there.They don’t always realize the thought process behind the decisions, but we do have their best interest in mind (most of the time).  There just might be something better in store!

Our Heavenly Father treats us the same way.  He hears us whining.  He sees us with our lips poked out.  He notices our arms folded.  None of our actions will change His mind.  He’s looking out for us.  He’s preparing us for something coming up, and we will be so happy and grateful that we waited for what’s ahead.  As we wrap up this Optimistic October, remember that God loves you!  You are His child!  Your well-being matters!


Off and Running (into November)!