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Day 13 of Gratitude

Okay, since I’m in Tennessee, I’m still technically on time although it seems that I’m late for the east coast. Today I’m thankful for so much! 1) The opportunity to “walk the red carpet” to preview the new Disney movie, Frozen. It was great! I can’t wait to take the cubs!

2) I always enjoy a great meal at The Cheesecake Factory where they have an abundance of skinny meals for those of us trying to take better care of our temples.

3) Amazing pastor’s wives I’ve met while at the Leading and Loving It retreat. Whether good or bad happens in ministry, I love having this community of ladies who can truly relate to me (and provide a new phone case to replace my banged up case)!

4) Sabrina, Tracie, and Lee for a great Girls Night Out in Nashville. We are worth it!

Off and Running!