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iDon’t Pay Attention

The cubs have been off from school all week, and we are having fun decorating, staying up late watching movies, and eating way too much junk food!




 It has been a great start to this holiday season, and it’s been a great start to my quest to become less “phone dependent” by the new year.

About a month ago, I was sitting in the family room with Cubs 3 and 4 playing around in the floor in front of me. I can’t even recall what I was doing on my phone, but it was distracting me from the conversation that I was having with Cub 3. Finally, she asked, “Mommy, how come you always tell us to look at people when we talk to them, but you don’t do it when you talk to us?” {ouch!} I was caught and really didn’t have a justifiable answer for her. What better way can I say “I’m not interested in what you have to say” than to be focused on my phone?  I was caught up in emails, text messages, or Facebook and Twitter statuses instead of giving my undivided attention to my cub.  I wasn’t being an “active listener”  which I would’ve been quick to point out to my former students when I was teaching.  It would still take a few more conversations (and retreat speakers) to confirm what I already knew to be true – my iPhone had become my distractor.

So, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?  Okay!  That wasn’t too bad!  No walking around with a scarlet apple symbol on my clothes?

I am not making any drastic changes like throwing my phone away and returning to putting letters in the mail to communicate with family and friends.  I am not closing my Facebook or Twitter accounts.  I’m simply choosing to be PRESENT when PB and my cubs are in my presence.  My phone is off and they have my attention when they need it (and probably when they don’t want it)!

Parents, our cubs are watching us – not just listening to us.  Let’s always do our best to show them that family is a priority.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Off and Running!

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