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Pen to Paper Time

Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow!

If you are on my blog page…it’s snowing!!  I love when WordPress adds little “treats” to my blog!  I’m ready for a little snow!  Anyone else?  I’m ready for a few days of snow, soup, and pajamas!  Throw in a good book and life. is. good.  There’s nothing like bad weather to make you slow down…and just…wait.

Slowing down is part of my restorative process.  Slowing down to make time to complete my devotions each day.  Slowing down to enjoy conversation with PB about our family, our dreams, and our concerns.  Slowing down to enjoy the noise of my cubs in the afternoons when they get home from school.  Slowing down to make time for journal writing.  You know, PB thinks sometimes I share too much information about our Party of Six on this blog, but this is nothing compared to my journal writing.  When I take the time to write down my thoughts in my journal, it allows me to free up space in my mental real estate (as Dr. Tara Jenkins calls it).  I’ve kept track of pregnancies through my journals.  I’ve written about every transitional season we’ve experienced in my  journals.  I’ve even written out my arguments with God (and PB) in my journals.  I’ve written prayers in my journals, as well as thanked God for answered prayer in my journals.  For a little while, I had stopped writing in a journal.  I just couldn’t seem to find the time.  I had too much to do in the mornings and I was too tired to write anything that made sense at night.  However, it’s a therapeutic way of getting out my joys and accomplishments; letting go of anxiety and fears; writing down concerns and gripes.  Also, if you’ve ever asked me to pray for you for specific things, you are included in one of my journals!

A few of my journals that I've used over the years.
A few of my journals that I’ve used over the years.

Journaling is a good way to restore conversation between you and God.  Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy.  A spiral notebook will do the job just fine.  I guarantee that if you’re looking for a way to restore a relationship with God, you should talk to Him through journaling.  Writing it down is just like having a conversation with Him only it’s documented because you wrote it out.  Believe me, I’ve fallen asleep many nights trying to pray before going to bed, so writing my requests down on paper during the day or morning when I’m much more alert is much better.

Try it this month, if you haven’t before, and let me know what you think about it when you get a chance.

On another note, tomorrow marks the ninth anniversary of my father’s death.  I cannot end this post without acknowledging my Poppa Bear’s life and the legacy that he left behind.  We have dear friends who are mourning the loss of their father/husband for the first time during this holiday season.  My hope for the Gerald family is that they will cherish every memory that they have of the life of Mr. Gerald knowing that his suffering and pain has resulted in complete healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ. We love you guys and look forward to celebrating Mr. Gerald’s life with you next week.

Off and Running!