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Selective Memory

Socks are an issue in our house – like in everyone’s house, I guess.  Our cubs leave their socks everywhere.  Everyone takes their shoes off at the door, but their socks end up in every single room of the house.  Finding socks that match is no longer important.  As long as they are close to the same color, we are happy.  We would also prefer that they put on a clean pair of socks everyday, but that doesn’t always happen.  So, when I discovered this when I walked in the family room this evening, I can’t say I was surprised…

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It’s definitely a sock that belongs to one of the girl cubs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are responsible for the sock being up there.  The cubs have been getting along very well over the past few weeks (might have something to do with Christmas being so close), but when they are all getting along the noise level hits new decibels as a result.  When we are at home, we have to give them time to “let loose” and be active cubs…we just pray they don’t let go so much that they break a body part or something in the house! I’m guessing the sock was a ball, and the dented roll of wrapping paper was the bat.

When I call the cubs together to ask about the sock in a little while, no one will know how it got there.  They will bond together in cub unity and no one will confess unless we interrogate them individually.  No one will have any type of recollection about what events led to the sock on the ceiling fan.  They will have selective memory.

On this road to restoration, you may be thinking about restoring a relationship.  Sometimes, when we try to restore relationships, we have selective memory as well.  What caused the relationship to go sour?  Why was contact with the person lost in the first place?  Was it because of you or the other person?  Is it worth restoring?  When I first joined Facebook and started reconnecting with people that I hadn’t talked to in years, after reading a few of their posts, I quickly discovered why I didn’t miss the relationship I had had previously with them!  If you’re contemplating restoring a past relationship, make sure you think truthfully and honestly about the memories you have with that person.  Are they going to be a good fit for what you are trying to accomplish in your present life?  That’s something to pray about first, okay? Okay!

Now, I’m off to ask some questions about the sock on the fan!

Off and Running!