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This morning’s family devotion was from Mark 4. I was reading about the parable of the farmer’s seed falling on the footpath and birds came and ate it. Then PB began reading a story. That’s when they started…Cub 1 was picking up his cup-taking a drink-putting it back on the table repeatedly. Cub 2 was tapping on the table. Cub 4 was making silly faces across the table at Cub 3 who was trying to spin a quarter.

Distractions! The enemy loves to distract us from the Word!

In church, it’s a crying baby, the crackling sound of candy being unwrapped, the screech of the microphone. I used to get so frustrated with people who could tell me every little thing that my cubs would do in church during the service. First, because I knew about it already! Lol! It’s hard to stay focused on God’s word being preached or sang or read or prayed when you have little ones. Secondly, I never want my cubs, or myself, to be the cause of someone being distracted from what God has put in the heart of PB or others to share.

At home when you want your quiet time with God the phone rings, or someone is hungry, or someone rings the doorbell, or the buzzer on the dryer goes off. Satan wins.

So what are you going to do about it? Can you make adjustments to your schedule so that you minimize distractions? Can you turn the ringer off on your phone for 15-30 minutes? Can you provide a snack for the kids to hold them while you spend time with the Father? Do you remind the struggling parent about everything that happened with her cubs after service? Are you talking to your pew partner causing a distraction for the people sitting behind you and in front of you? Are you calling your friend during her only “down” time section of her day preventing her from getting that quiet time? Do you wait until service has started to decide you need to get up out of your seat (which is in the center of the row) to use the restroom instead of going before service begins? Do you let your children sit with their friends on the other side of the church, then try to parent them from the side you’re sitting on? Do you know just the right time to let out your hallelujah shout so that everyone can look your way?

In this season of Lent, we need to be intentional about keeping our focus on God. The enemy wants nothing more than for us to be distracted, or to cause someone else to be distracted from worshipping God the way he deserves and requires. Be intentional about keeping the enemy out of your relationship with God, not just for the next 40 days, but daily. So, now at home, we have a new rule that will start tomorrow: The only thing that will come to the table will be ourselves and the devotional lesson. No drinks, no dolls, no food, no pens, no paper. Will our cubs still find ways to be distracted? Sure they will! They are cubs! They are still learning…what’s your excuse, though?

Intentionally Yours!