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Friendly Competition


Winter won’t let go and my brackets are a hot mess!

Every year, PB and I compete against each other by filling in our NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets in hopes of scoring more points than the other.  This year’s winner will receive a nice massage and their chores done for a day by the loser.  I am a terrible loser, and I’m almost positive that I will possibly shed a tear and even give PB the silent treatment if I lose.  It’s that serious.  I know, I know!  I have to work on that.  So far, I’m losing and I’m not a fan of giving massages.  This puts PB in a “no win” situation.  If he wins, he’ll have to put up with me being a grump.  If he loses, he won’t get to enjoy a nice massage and no chores.  Okay, this blog post is definitely not going in the direction that I had planned! LOL!


This was supposed to be a tribute to my PB, so let me get back on track.   A few weeks ago, he endured two days of line dancing for me even though he isn’t a fan of dancing.  He did it because it was something that he knew I would enjoy.  Spending hours counting to 6 over and over again was not his idea of an evening well spent, but he did it and we had a good time!  I’m not a fan of history, but I will watch National Treasure or whatever other history related show with him if he asks.  I love that we stretch each other.  We pull each other out of our comfort zones sometimes…and it’s needed!  How boring would our marriage be if we never changed?  Never grew together?  A marriage has to be selfless.  You have to be willing to put your spouse’s needs before your own.  We are on the SAME team!  He is not the enemy…well, just on this coming Saturday and Monday.

PB is my precious gift from God and I am grateful for him!  I’ll have to remind myself of this next week if I don’t win!

Intentionally Yours!







2 thoughts on “Friendly Competition”

  1. Our beautiful!!! I love the love the two of you have and SHOW for each other!! May God continue to bless you in your marriage and as you grow together.

    Look, you have my permission to give him the silent treatment if you lose!!! He can handle it!

    Have a great day.


  2. I don’t like to lose either and there are some games Greg will not play with me for that reason.

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