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Mother’s Day Any Day!


I just LOVE these faces!  If it weren’t for these dear cubs of mine, I would be honoring the mothers in my life instead of being able to be honored along with the mothers in my life.

Every second Sunday in May since the year 2000, I followed in the footsteps of all mothers that I knew by spending the day with my cubs.  That is, until 2010.  In 2010, we were officially a party of six, and I did not enjoy Mother’s Day at all.  That was the year that I decided that I needed a day that was free of mommy duties.  Not just free from mommy duties, but free from my cubs so that I wouldn’t be tempted to complete any mommy duties.

My idea of a great Mother’s Day is one in which I don’t spend the day with my cubs.  Yes, I said it.  I enjoy spending the day alone…doing what I like to do, or never have the time to do…and I don’t feel guilty at all.  I spend plenty of time with them every Sunday out of each year (except one or two when they’re with their GMB), so I get excited about having a Sunday to myself.

This year, I had to break my “day” without my cubs into three sections of time – Friday evening, Saturday morning, and this afternoon/evening.  I enjoyed a movie and dinner on Friday night with one of my best friends (go see “Moms’ Night Out” seriously), and I did not bring them any leftovers.  I ignored the argument over who could have the last of the Frosted Flakes on Saturday morning and headed to the gym before they left to go to church school.  Cub 4 made her singing “debut” in the Sunbeam choir this morning at church, and I couldn’t miss that!  However, after PB finished cooking my favorite dinner, I went out to do a little shopping for ME, and skipped out on the fun they had at the park.


As I type, PB is finishing up bath time for Cubs 3 and 4, and preparations for a new school day are taking place.  There’s some whining happening, but I don’t have to be the referee tonight!  I am planning to enjoy every last second of this time to myself that I have left!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to you ALL!!  I hope that your day was all that you had hoped it would be!  If it wasn’t for whatever reason, don’t get hung up on the actual “Day,” but do celebrate the loving, nurturing, caring, always sacrificing, faith-living person that you are in whatever way you choose to celebrate!

Intentionally yours!