Cub 2 is 10!

Age 2

Age 2

1 special gift given to us on this day in 2004!

Age 4

Age 4

2 hours of labor was all he needed to make his way into this world.

3 (1/2) siblings that love him 99.9% of the time.

Cub 2, Cub 4, Cub 3, and Cub 1

Cub 2, Cub 4, Cub 3, and Cub 1

Cub 2 and Cub 2-1/2

Cub 2 and Cub 2-1/2

4 grade levels completed so far.

5 favorite things: basketball, fried chicken, chocolate, sneakers, and church school.

photo 2 (6)

6 is the number of his favorite basketball player, LeBron James (Miami Heat).

7 days a week, he sets new goals for himself and dreams new dreams.

Age 5

Age 5

8 slices carved in a Hershey’s Creme Pie that he could eat all by himself…seriously!

9 is the minimum number of times in a day that he will ask to purchase something online.


10 years he’s been on this earth bringing joy to our family!



Intentionally yours.


4 thoughts on “Cub 2 is 10!

  1. Lynda Cock says:

    What a precious gift! How the years have flown. With care and gratitude for these delightful children. Lynda


  2. Yvonne Tolson says:

    Happy Birthday, Elijah! Enjoy your special day…continue bringing joy to your friends and family!!!

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