My Bad!

I heard on a news station this morning that a woman was suing her employer because the rush hour traffic she has to endure each day was causing her great anxiety. She wanted to come in to work after the morning rush hour and leave before the evening rush hour.  Go ahead and read that sentence again.  I thought maybe I didn’t hear them correctly, so I looked it up and sure enough here’s a brief article about it. Does anyone else find this to be absolutely ridiculous?  I’m curious as to how this case turns out.

Then, this morning, right here in our Party of Six, we had our own blame game happening.  Normally, it is Cub 2’s responsibility to take Kodi, our Shih Tzu, out for her morning walk.  Now that the cubs are out of school and no longer downstairs by 7:00am, Kodi starts to let everyone know that she still needs to go, by barking and whining.  Cub 1 got up and started downstairs to let Kodi out, but not being fully awake caused him to miss a step or two and fall down the stairs.  Who did he blame?  Cub 2, of course!

This afternoon, Cub 3 was learning to read a new book.  She did a great job with most of it, but we still wanted her to work on her fluency (such terrible parents).  The first two lines of the book were “To market, to market…” and she kept saying “To the market, to the market…”  Who did she blame when she had to read it again and again? Us, of course!

Why are we so quick to blame others for the wrong choices we make?

Really?  Blame an employer for not letting us work after and before rush hour traffic?

Really?  Blame the car in front of us for stopping too quickly?

Really?  Blame the pastor for hurting our feelings or stepping on our toes?

Really?  Blame McDonald’s for making our children obese?

Really?  Blame teachers and schools when your child misbehaves?

What’s so wrong with apologizing?

My bad, employer!  I chose the wrong company to work for since I can’t come in later to avoid rush hour.

My bad, dented car owner!  I should’ve left more space in between our cars.  I was probably driving too fast anyway.

My bad, McDonald’s!  I should stop bringing my child to your restaurant five days a week because it’s easier than cooking a healthy meal at home.

My bad, Pastor!  I should read God’s Word for myself so that I understand what is required of me as a child of God.

My bad, education system!  I should be the person telling my child how to behave in a classroom setting.

My bad, Cub 2!  I should’ve made sure I was fully awake before lazily and sleepily taking on the stairs this morning.

My bad, MB and PB!  I should’ve actually read each word in my book instead of trying to memorize each page.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know that there are times when things truly are someone else’s fault, and we have no control over them.  However, before blaming someone or something else for every little thing that you don’t like, just ask yourself, “Was there anything that I could’ve done differently that would change the results and avoid conflict?  If there is, just OWN IT and say “my bad”!

Intentionally yours!


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  1. Ok MB Thanks for the reminder. PB is not the only one on my toes this week, but Thanks again!

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