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This summer seems to be flying by already!  My cubs have only been out of school for a little over a week, but I already feel like we are not going to get to do everything that I have planned for this summer.  By the way, we never do everything that I have planned for us during the summer!  LOL! So, here’s a few of the random things happening in the Party right now:

Cub 3 attended her very first sleepover about 10 days ago, and she and Cub 4 have been sleeping on their floor in sleeping bags ever since she returned!

All of the cubs passed!  Whoo hoo!! We officially have a ninth grader, a fifth grader, and a first grader!  Cub 4 still has one more year at home with me.  Considering she will probably need to know how to do Algebra in 2 or 3 different ways (thanks to the new Common Core Standards) when she begins Kindergarten, I do plan to teach her something worthwhile during the next school year.

We have also added a new cub to the Party for the summer!  We call her Cub 5 even though she is older than Cub 1.  She is staying with us while studying Arabic nearby at the Naval Academy.  Before we know it, we will be sending her back to Kentucky, but not before showing her some of the great sites our wonderful state has to offer!


There is more excitement happening that I’ll share later, but I do have a purpose for writing this morning. Last Saturday was a work day for PB, so while waiting for him to get back home, the rest of the Party went to a nearby park with a great playground area.  I took this picture of Cub 2 struggling to figure out exactly where to put his feet and hands to get back down from this chain ladder wall thingy that he had climbed up and over.


Such an unpleasant feeling isn’t it?  Being stuck?  Not sure of what move to make next?  If you decide to take a step, will it result in solid footing, or will your move cause you to slip and fall?  It can be scary if you started your journey on your own without God’s guidance, but be encouraged!  You can still go to Him for help!  Just because you didn’t start with Him, doesn’t mean that He’s left you to figure out what to do now on your own.  Believe me, I am a recovering control freak, and I almost ALWAYS take steps without talking to God first!  However, I am learning, and He’s given me lots and lots and lots of practice to get it right…and I am doing better!  It’s not perfection, but it’s better!

1. PRAY.  Talk to Him.

2. READ the Bible.  It’s how He talks back to us.


4. OBEY.

5. Give THANKS for answers.

By the way, Cub 2 found his way back down the chain ladder wall thingy without a trip to an urgent care facility.  Praise the Lord!

Intentionally Yours!