Oh, Well…Moving On

It’s November!  The year is almost over, and once again I’ve neglected my blog page!  In my attempt to catch you all up on my 21 days of no social media, I somehow deleted all of the posts.  Yep, ALL of them!  Even the ones that I had already published!  I guess it wasn’t as important as I thought!  Moving on…

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November is the month that always bring an attitude of gratitude most likely because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, to redeem myself from the 21 days of no social media thing, I’m going to blog about the Source of Gratitude.  It is a ten-day online bible study lesson through Love God Greatly that I will begin on Monday with a bunch of other women from around the world.  I’m going to attempt to blog about each lesson for the ten days of the study.  We’ll see how this one goes!

So, I will chat with you all again on Monday!  Here’s a few pictures that highlight the last few months to get you caught up with the Party of Six.







MB - Health Job Fair (188 of 362)

MB 2014 - Vonetta (39 of 71)

MB 2014 - Vonetta (61 of 71)




Intentionally Yours!



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  1. Hello, dear friend. We know what it means to lose all your previous work. We’ve done it too. Love the pumpkin photos. The kids look terrific. Our gang is growing also. Our little Kaitlyn, the only one you knew, turns 19 this week and is in India with a Gap Semester program. She’s working with an education program in the slums. What a challenge! Such a creative and caring young woman she is. So thankful for this opportunity for her. We are all doing well. Looking forward to grand #11 in January, then I think we’re through. What a delight it has been to be able to enjoy each little individual and watch them grow.
    Joy and gratitude for them all! Love and joy to you as well! I love seeing how you spread it around!

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