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To Be More Like Him


“No, you are not getting anymore gum because you keep spitting it out on the floor instead of putting it in the trash.”

“How many times do I have to say turn the light off when you leave a room?”

“No more playing with Play-Doh unless you are sitting at the table with a parent around.  It’s impossible getting this stuff out of the carpet!”

“You keep taking out all of these toys, but you never want to put them back!”

“Are you serious?!  I ordered this gift two weeks ago and it’s supposed to be ready today!  What is taking so long?”

“If I have to hear about how messed up her life is one…more…time…I’m not even going to answer the phone!” 

I’m not always compassionate, not always slow to anger, not always forgiving.  I am so, so thankful that our Lord is all of those things!  When I read Psalm 145:8, I am reminded that I have to make an effort to be more like Christ when interacting with PB, my cubs, and others.  I have to check myself sometimes.  God is always giving us second (third and fourth…and one hundredth) chances to get it right, so we are required to do the same.

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