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Keeping It Simple

Happy 2015!!

It was close to 4am when we got home from celebrating the new year, therefore I am in awe at the fact that my cubs are all wide awake and chatting it up right now at 11:30pm in Cub 2’s bedroom.  They have been going strong all day without napping!  They are SO off-schedule and SO not ready to return to school on Monday.  Honestly, I’m not ready for them to return to school either!  No bedtimes, no waking up to the alarm clock, no homework…which reminds me…I should probably check their backpacks just in case we had homework that we were supposed to complete over the winter break, and no outfits to plan.  It’s been great having multiple pajama days where neither vehicle has had to be moved from the driveway. {insert HUGE SIGH here} I guess I’ll start the countdown to spring break!

So, I had the not so bright idea of keeping our Christmas gifts for others simple this year.  We are still living off of one income without a lot of extra cash, but we’re becoming pretty good at this budgeting thing.  Anyway, instead of shopping for extended family individually, I found cute little wooden picture holder cubes in an Oriental Trading Co. catalog that I envisioned being a fun family project that would involve the whole Party of Six.  Really, I had no idea what to do with the cubes, but I figured my creative juices would start to flow once they arrived. I would be able to see how big or little they were, and then spend some time on Pinterest looking for ideas. I was excited about my purchase because we were going to be able to give out 24 family-crafted gifts!  

The cubs and I painted the cubes, but that just wasn’t “enough” for me.  I thought we needed to add some personal touches to the cubes.  I went on a quest for stencils, stickers, paint pens, and ribbon.  Finally, after a few trips to our local craft store and messing up practicing on one or two or three or four cubes, this was our final product.  Cub 2 also wrote a message on the back of each cube in his best handwriting.



Each family received a cube with snowflakes, their initial, and a little ribbon accent!  I had attempted to keep it simple.  Really, I did!  However, not keeping it simple caused me to spend more money than I had planned.  It caused us to spend more time on the cubes than I had planned.  It caused me just a little bit of frustration because I knew I was in over my head by the third trip to the craft store. My lack of keeping it simple just complicated things.

While cleaning up the aftermath of Christmas this morning, I started looking at our practice cubes and thinking about the self-induced stress they caused.  They made me think about all of the new year resolutions that I’ve seen posted on social media.  Long lists and elaborate thoughts about what is going to be different in 2015.  Who really needs all of those goals and resolutions to think about for the next year?  I’m not at all saying that you shouldn’t have goals, but just keep it simple.  God gave you the first day of 2015, and if you’re reading this, then that means He’s given you the second day of 2015 as well.  So, keep it simple and just LIVE.




Maybe I’ll hold on to these practice cubes as my reminder to keep it simple.

Living for Him!


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