I Want It All!

Oh, these two cubs!







This is how it’s supposed to go:  On Mondays, Cub 2 separates his dirty clothes into three piles (whites, colors, darks) in the hallway in front of the washer and dryer closet.  I wash them, dry them, fold them, and place them on his bed so that he can put them away when he gets home from school.  On Tuesdays, Cub 1 does the same with his dirty clothes.  I think it’s a pretty good deal for them.  They are both old enough and capable of doing their own laundry, but since I’m at home and I love them dearly and I’m always trying to win the Mother of the Year Award, it’s one chore that I’ve taken off of their hands.  That is, unless they miss their assigned wash day.  In that case, they have to wash for themselves on the weekend.  I don’t do weekend laundry.

I’m not sure why, but this week my boy cubs got under my skin.  I was just a tad bit annoyed with them.  You see, both Monday while doing Cub 2’s laundry and yesterday while doing Cub 1’s laundry, I discovered dirty clothes in their rooms and even still in their hampers or jumbled up on the floor of their closets.  In my mind, if someone is willingly washing, drying, and folding my clothes each week, I’m going to put everything that needs to be laundered out in the hallway.  I just don’t understand why they would hold back dirty clothes that stink up their room and add to the overall junkiness of their cluttered spaces!  I am willing to wash ALL of their funky clothes, so why not give me ALL of them?

So, I’ve spent the past two days trying to figure out why I was so annoyed with my boys over not giving me all of their laundry.  Less work for me, right?  God, what do you want me to learn from this?  Why am I so bothered by this?!

When are you going to start giving me your ALL? I ask for your ALL every single day, but you don’t give everything to me.  Every day I ask you to put your trust in me, but you’re still holding on to that thing…those things.  Every day I ask for ALL, but you hold on to that cub’s behavior problems in school.  Every day I ask for ALL, but you keep feeding your temple the wrong foods.  Every day I ask for it ALL, but you keep your thoughts bottled up inside.  I want your whole heart.  I want your whole life!  When are you going to start trusting me with ALL of you and stop giving me only the stuff that you think is too big for you to handle?  Give it ALL to me!  The little things that (you think) you’re handling on your own , as well as the big things that started out little, but because you thought you could handle them, they turned into big things that you finally gave to me.  I want it ALL!

Well, then…I’m going to get to work on this log in my eye before I get on the boy cubs about the sawdust chips in their eyes. (Matthew 7:5)

I hear ya, Lord!  Loud and clear!

Living for Him!



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