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Walking Miracles

We had a very happy Cub 3 last night! We finally made it to one of her favorite restaurants – Ci Ci’s Pizza.


We had planned to go last Friday evening before taking Cub 1 to the annual youth lock-in at the church. However, just a few minutes before we were to leave for dinner, we realized that Cub 4 was experiencing a severe allergic reaction to something she had eaten earlier. As PB and I rushed in a panic to get Cub 4 dressed and out the door to the emergency room, Cub 3 stood in the hallway and asked with a disappointed look, “So, does this mean we can’t have Ci Ci’s now?!”

Bless her little selfish heart!  She really didn’t understand what a “huge deal” it was that Cub 4’s symptoms were not normal. Initially, I didn’t find them to be out of the ordinary either.  Tummy aches are normal.  Itchy skin is normal.  Coughing is normal.  Even throwing up is normal.  Tears with the tummy ache? Not normal.  Hives with the itchy skin? Definitely not normal.  It took about an hour for it to “click” in my brain that she could be experiencing anaphylaxis.

The doctor managed to get Cub 4’s reaction under control, but she had to be monitored for six hours before we could leave the hospital. Cubs 2 and 3 were still at home with Cub 1, so I cannot imagine what her reaction was when she found out that she definitely wasn’t going to Ci Ci’s for dinner!


Our eventful Friday evening was a great reminder to pay attention to our bodies.  Get those aches and pains and lumps and bumps checked out.  Friday was an even greater reminder that we are all walking miracles!  We take for granted that we don’t have to think about breathing in and out.  We don’t have to remind our hearts to keep beating.  Our muscles contract and relax so that we can chew, walk, talk, dance, run and more!  When I think about all of the signs that Cub 4’s body displayed to warn us that something had entered into her system that wasn’t good for her, I just thank God for making us the wonderfully complex beings that we are!

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.  Psalm 139:14

Living for Him!

3 thoughts on “Walking Miracles”

  1. Blessings on these little ones! Such cuties.

    We welcomed our 11th grandchildren yesterday. A precious little (tho not so little: 9 lbs) Baby boy. Life is indeed full.

    Yes, fearfully and wondrously madeŠwhich is a great book, by the way. I react to some medications with awful outbreaks of hives which are terrible to look at, but so far no breathing problems, but I do keep benedryl handy in case.

    Love and care, Lynda.

    1. Congratulations and praise God for the newest grandson! We also travel with Benadryl, as well as an Epipen. We monitor her food as best we can and we are teaching her what to ask and look for as well. Bless you!

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