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Faith Walker Friday, Plus A Day


I didn’t forget about my commitment to post each Friday about my AVON Walk for Breast Cancer journey, but today we attended the official kickoff party for the D.C. Walk.  It was a great opportunity for the “newbies” to meet and talk to those who are walking for their second, third, and even seventeenth time!



Tomorrow, I will officially begin my twelve week training program for the Walk for Breast Cancer.  I received a sample training schedule in my welcome packet last week, and I was just a tad bit intimidated and nervous and quick to say “I can’t do this! What have I gotten myself into?!”  There are going to be some days that suggest we walk 18 miles.  Eighteen miles in one day.  I will be walking around 300 miles over the next 12 weeks!  Yikes!

Then, I continued reading through my welcome packet.  You know what happened, right?  Oh the guilt!  These next 12 weeks will be nothing compared to the number of days, weeks, months, and years that women (and a few men) who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have to endure.  I can handle a few blisters and being sore and tired for a weekend because I plan to have a day (or two) of rest after the Walk.  Breast cancer patients don’t have that choice.  Two days of walking?  I can CRUSH 39.3 miles to help CRUSH cancer!  You can help, too, by joining me in this Walk, or donating to help me reach my goal of raising $1,800.00 for breast cancer patients.  (Click to go to MY PERSONAL PAGE)  Thank you so much!

On another note:

Cubs 1 and 2 competed in an oratorical contest today at our church.  Cub 1 placed first in his category, and Cub 2 placed second in his category.  Cub 1 will now compete in the county-wide oratorical contest next month.  Here are a couple of pictures of them with their amazing, dedicated, encouraging coaches.

Cub 1 and Coach Loving
Cub 1 and Coach Loving
Cub 2 and Coach Freeman
Cub 2 and Coach Freeman

Living for Him!