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Make ‘Em Smile!

I just might be the most excited MB ever about Valentine’s Day this year! PB never disappoints when it comes to making me feel like a queen, but this year I finally get to read this journal. I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover on Saturday!


This journal was included in my gifts from last year’s Valentine’s Day. PB has been writing to me in this journal since last year. You may think that it’s not that exciting, but this is MY kind of love language, y’all!! Journaling is my thing! I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, so to have PB make an effort to “speak my language” all year makes me love him even more.

I’m not sharing this to brag on how wonderful I think PB is (he really is!), but to share a little about what makes our marriage last. The key word in that last sentence is “our”. It’s our marriage. God brought us together. No one on this earth can break this bond.

Your marriage shouldn’t look like everyone else’s. We tend to compare our marriages way too much. How many men are out buying flowers and chocolates this weekend for women who don’t even like flowers and chocolates? It’s just what society says you have to do on Valentine’s Day. I walked into Shopper’s earlier today and was greeted by tons of flowers and balloons!


It comes down to paying attention to each other. What makes your spouse smile? If you don’t know, then ask! Communication is a good thing, and don’t think they already know just because you’ve been married for however many years. Are you willing to try something for me? Commit to making your spouse smile in a new creative way at least once a month. It will change your relationship for the better! Give it a try!

Living for Him!


2 thoughts on “Make ‘Em Smile!”

  1. This is so true. Real love happens when your partner knows and respects your love language and you do the same. Not the chocolates or flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so sweet! Happy Early Valentine’s Day! You guys are truly an inspiration!!! Enjoy your reading. YOU MADE ME SMILE HARD THIS MORNING!!!

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