All in 2010-April

I made him wear this!
I made him wear this!

PB has made it to the 5-YEAR mark of being CANCER FREE this week!! Just thinking about God’s goodness and how he got us through our most difficult year (2010) has me feeling so grateful for His grace and mercy today. April 2010 was a rock-bottom type of month, but God!

Our Party of Six

This was the month that I truly felt like God was as far away as He could possibly be even though I needed him to carry me through all that was happening around me.  Besides still adjusting to life as the Party of Six, Cub 1 continued to cope with his anxiety by putting more eraser pieces in his ears!  Once again, his teacher (bless her heart) caught him putting the pieces in his ear.  Once again, the nurse confirmed it.  A few weeks earlier he had surgery to have objects removed and we were now on our way back again?!  Seriously??!!  But, it wasn’t just Cub 1’s actions that pushed me past what I thought I could bear.  This was also the month that we found out that First Baptist Church of North Brentwood was not interested in PB as their new pastor, and April was also the month that we received confirmation that…

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