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A Good Kind Of Busy

The cubs ran out of paper and pencils with just four more weeks of school left.  I thought for sure we would make it to the end of the year, but nope. Field trips seem to be happening on a weekly basis. And then there’s the last minute cub (Cub 2) with: Oh! This form is for a t-shirt and I need money today, so {I expect you to} drop everything and sign this form!” Then the form gets left on the kitchen island because that’s how important it really was after I dropped everything to sign it. We’ve had the spring drama production, the spring band concert, the spring recital, and we’re getting ready for field day.  There are ice cream parties and pizza parties to celebrate end of the year achievements coming up.  

We are too busy.  Too tired in the mornings to get up and get our family devotions done before Cub 1 leaves for school.  Too busy to sit down at the dinner table together for a real dinner.  Lately, there’s been a lot of quick microwaveable finger foods that can be tossed in a ziplock bag as we travel from place to place.  I’m a little sick of pizza and taquitos and pizza rolls and mac n cheese.  Too many loads of laundry that haven’t been touched.  We just dig through the dirty clothes to make a load based on what’s needed for the next day.  Too many discussions about how to get this cub here and that cub there.  Who will drive who?  How long will we be away?    I am an emotional eater, and I want nothing more than to finish off the container of butter pecan ice cream in the freezer to calm my nerves!  Unfortunately, as I type this blog post, I’m sitting in the ER with Cub 1 waiting for Saturday to turn into Sunday in about fifteen more minutes.  He’s going to be fine…just some breathing issues that he’s had for the past 3-4 days that we hadn’t noticed and he didn’t tell us about until he couldn’t breathe. (Read that last sentence with a little bit of sarcasm in your voice).  I think I can feel another gray hair growing right now.

Even still, I’m reminded that it’s just for a season.  Sometime (much) later in life, I’m going to miss these days.  

Now, it’s well past midnight.  Cub 1 is snoozing. Hopefully, we’ll be out of here soon.  We have another new busy day beginning in a few short hours!

Here’s a few pics that are on my phone from our recent busy days.

Cub 4 and friends releasing butterflies at the end of the Ready, Set, Learn school play group. 

Cub 4’s first dance recital.

Church school field trip with Cubs 3 and 4 to Watkins Park. 

 Our first prom send off event!  We were able to see these beautiful ladies from our church off to their senior proms.

Living for Him!


1 thought on “A Good Kind Of Busy”

  1. Prayers for Cub 1 especially. We have a grand with similar issues. It¹s scary. Celebrating you all and the amazing work of raising a family that our daughters-in-law also are doing. The schedules are horrendous.

    Celebrating also your wonderful Avon victory! I thought for a moment that that was you in the middle of the prom girlsŠ.and maybe it was. All looking very fine!!!!

    Love and care, Lynda

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