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Starting Over Again

This is Day 6 of a 31-Day Series called Bear in Mind: Cubisms.

What a day yesterday was!

Cub 3 woke up grumpy.  I expected that because she and Cub 4 stayed up late playing and talking in their room.  After breakfast, she had plans to lay down on the sofa, but I told her to go get dressed first.  You would’ve thought I told her that she was going back to the doctor for a second flu shot!  However, she got herself dressed and then laid down on the sofa and took a little nap before school.

Cub 1 walks in from school and asks, “So, who’s taking me to the game today at 4?  PB and I look at each other and then at him.  “What game?” we asked.  Then he says (as though he had already told us this) that the JV football game that was cancelled on Friday due to the weather was rescheduled for yesterday.  After making sure homework was done and that we weren’t receiving any phone calls from the school’s automated messaging system saying that he was tardy or absent from a class, we worked it out for him to be able to go.

When Cub 4 and I returned from her dance class, everyone was back at home and getting ready for the next day.  I started cleaning up the kitchen and discovered that I had forgotten to buy milk.  I seriously felt like crying!  I can’t stand thinking that I’m in for the evening only to discover that I have to go back out for something.  Since not having milk in the fridge in the morning would have been a terrible start to the day, I went back out to the store for milk.  Right before leaving, Cubs 3 and 4 start fighting.  Cub 4 smacked Cub 3 in the ear, and Cub 3 punched Cub 4 in the stomach…yes…my girl cubs.  I’m standing at the front door, yelling upstairs for them both to just go to bed.

When I arrived back at home after picking up some milk, I found the girls happy again.  PB had showered them and they were ready for bedtime.  All of a sudden, Cub 3 cries out as if she has been hit again, but she hadn’t.  She just forgot that she was supposed to be mad at Cub 4 and started crying all over again!

Cub 2 had homework that we needed to correct.  He’s been cutting corners and rushing through his work and bringing home not-so-great grades, so we really have to check over his work.  Our definition of “finished” and his definition of “finished” are not the same, and our tween cub doesn’t like it at all.

Whew!  Our afternoon and evening seemed to last forever, but everyone in the Party of Six was in bed by 10:00pm.  Even the girl cubs made up again for a second time.  When I walked into their room to turn off their light, they were sleeping together on the floor.  Sisters!!

So, this blog post was supposed to be entitled “Starting Over”.  That’s what I had decided on last night before bed.  Even after all of the cubisms that took place yesterday, today was going to be a new day with new opportunities to be a better day!  It sounded really good last night, then Cub 1 missed the bus this morning because we sent him back upstairs to brush his hair.  Oh, and the girl cubs started fussing about something while putting on their shoes and jackets…and Cub 2 left his gym uniform sitting on top of the bookshelf after I reminded him to go back upstairs and get it!  He will fail PE for the first quarter if he misses dressing out one more time.  I’m just getting back from taking it to his school.  I think I can go ahead and start looking forward to tomorrow being a better day.  Considering the afternoon is fast approaching, maybe tomorrow’s title will be “Starting Over Again AND Again”!

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. Lamentations 3:23

Momma Bear


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  1. I very much enjoy reading these and since I know the Cubs it is even more heartwarming. You are a great Mom and a great example for all of us, old Moms and new Moms alike.

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  2. When you think you are the only one that is about to crazy……thanks for sharing! This was a good read. Looking forward to starting all over again, this evening with my bunch!

  3. Oh my!! Thank you for sharing it actually has brightened my day to have such a huge smile on my face – especially the Girl Cubs!!! Hopefully this afternoon and evening will be peaceful!!

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