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Temper, Temper!

This is Day 22 of a 31-Day Series called Bear in Mind: Cubisms.

I need your help!  Our family needs some new car games to play.  Specifically, we need car games for riding home at night.  Usually, when we have evening activities at the church, the cubs and I drive down after school.  The drive can be about 50 minutes or longer with traffic.  When we leave the church at night, the boy cubs ride with Poppa Bear (PB) and the girl cubs ride with me.  They call it “girls night” and they always want to play games that really don’t work for nighttime riding in a car, like I Spy and Hide-n-Seek.   Then, the girls start making up silly games that they never actually finish playing, and I try to persuade them to just sing along to Radio Disney or Kidz Bop.  It’s always an entertaining ride home.  So, yes, please send more games our way!  PLEASE!

When we pulled into the driveway last night after 50 minutes of laughs, silliness, and singing, the girl cubs had made a mess of their seats and floor with leftover fast food trash.  Before going into the house, I had them collect their trash and belongings.  In the short time that it took me to get out of the driver’s seat and walk around the truck to the rear passenger door to open it, the girl cubs started fussing about what belonged to who.  Cub 3 was raising her voice to Cub 4 out of frustration.  When I opened the door, I said, “Let’s get along, please.”

Cub 3 responded, “But you can’t get along with someone that you’re angry at!”

“Yes, you can.  Think about what you need to do.” I said.

“Well, if no parents were around, I would hit her.” Cub 3 mumbled. {Lord, help me parent this child!}

“No.  What is the right thing to do, [Cub 3]?”  I asked.

“You could never talk to the person again?” she answered.

“No.  What would Jesus do?”  I asked.

“He would stop talking to the person, too!” Cub 3 responded.

“Jesus would forgive the person.  He forgives you, right?” I asked.

Finally, she didn’t have a comeback!

Someone or something can easily set us off and cause us to sin.  It can be difficult to stay focused on the right way to respond when we’re angry.  Words hurt and can have lasting, damaging results.  Arguing over who dropped french fries on the floor is easy to get over.  The girl cubs were happy and content within minutes.  For some reason, adults have a much harder time controlling our anger and ability to forgive and let go.  We should work on that.

Don’t be angry or furious.  Anger can lead to sin.  All sinners will disappear, but if you trust in the Lord, the land will be yours.  Psalm 37:8-9 CEV

***Thanks to my girl cubs for staging their emotions for my pictures tonight.***

Momma Bear


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