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Friend Choices

This is Day 26 of a 31-Day Series called Bear in Mind: Cubisms. Everyday I claim my spot in the car riders lane, and everyday I watch a van pull up and park.  The pregnant woman inside takes a drink from a soda and one last puff from her cigarette before getting out of the car to pick up her daughter.  Every day.  The first time I saw her, my heart just hurt for the unborn baby and any other children in that house who have to breathe in that smoke every day.  They have no choice.  Then, I discovered that her daughter, let’s call her CubFriend, is in Cub 4’s class.  My first selfish thought was that I hoped Cub 4 and CubFriend were not friends.  I know that’s bad!  God’s not through with me yet!  I like getting to know the parents of our cubs’ friends, and this is a parent that I don’t think I want to know or be around because my first impression was that she shouldn’t have anymore children.

On Saturday, Cub 4 was invited to her first skating party.  I talked about it HERE.  CubFriend was there and so was her mom.  CubFriend excitedly invited Cub 4 to sit next to her.  We arrived to the party late, but just in time for ice cream and to watch the birthday girl open her gifts.  Once she was done, the kids were eager to get back to skating.  CubFriend helped Cub 4 get her skates on, she then took off to retrieve a skating crutch for her, and finally led her out onto the floor to help her skate for the first time.  They skated together until CubFriend’s mom motioned to her that it was time to leave.  Even after turning in her skates and before leaving out, she came back to give Cub 4 a goodbye hug.  I witnessed the sweetest friendship forming right before my eyes!  They enjoyed each other!  Why couldn’t she have been a little brat or something to justify my feelings towards her mother?  Why did she have to act so friendly towards Cub 4?  There were plenty of other classmates at the party. 

Cub 4 has another so called friend in her class who was making her cry every day, but she still called her a friend.  I would love it if Cub 4 would kick her to the curb, and focus on playing with CubFriend more.  I use to wish that I could choose our cubs’ friends based on their family background.  Now I know that I need to rethink my position and trust my cubs to make good decisions about their friend choices.  What do you think?

The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray. Proverbs 12:26

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