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The cubs and their cousins woke up WAY too early this Thanksgiving morning.  After repetitive mornings of waking up to no noise, it was actually music to my ears to wake up to their sounds.  I haven’t blogged in a while, so I thought I’d fill you in on our crew.

We found out earlier this week that Poppa Bear (PB) will be coaching both Cub 2 and Cub 3 in basketball this winter. Cub 4 will be cheerleading AND continuing with her dance classes.  Both PB and I will be increasing our volunteer time at the girl cubs’ school also.  Let me tell you the craziness that brought about this increase. 

Last week was American Education Week.  At Cubs 3 and 4’s school, parents had the opportunity to participate in various ways.  On Monday, guest readers were invited to read to the students in their classrooms throughout the morning.  PB and I always volunteer to read in the cubs’ classrooms first.  Every year, the kids enjoy PB the most because he is SO animated with his stories.  He is always one of the favorite parent volunteers.  On Friday, the school hosted a two-hour parent visitation period.  During this time, parents were able to sit in class and observe a portion of their children’s school day.  PB and I decided that we would observe Cub 4’s class for about thirty minutes, and then Cub 3’s class for about the same amount of time.

Cub 4’s class was making friendship soup.  Parents had sent in ingredients for the soup.  They had things like corn, peas, and tomatoes.  Some of the items had to be chopped up before putting them in the pot, so the students cut up celery, carrots, and potatoes with help from the parents. 

 Afterwards, they all put their ingredients into the pot and each student had the opportunity to stir the pot.   

 I’m sure after a few hours in the slow cooker that classroom smelled wonderful, but Cub 4 said that she didn’t like the soup when they all tasted it that afternoon.

Cub 3’s class was a totally different story.  Once we left Cub 4’s class, we met up with Cub 3’s class as they were lining up to leave PE.  Their next thirty minutes was going to be in Music class.  At first, I thought they were a little rowdy and had a hard time getting settled down for the music teacher because they had just spent time in PE.  However, they never settled down!  In fact, I don’t know how the music teacher managed to accomplish anything with Cub 3’s class.  The teacher in me had a very difficult time not saying anything!  I have to confess that I did speak quietly to two little girls who were just downright disrespectful and not following directions.  

PB and I were outraged and in total disbelief that Cub 3 has been enduring this classroom environment since the beginning of the year!  I observed maybe four students out of sixteen total who stood out as being attentive and on-task during our time with the class.  After the class was picked up by their regular teacher, the behaviors didn’t change.  By the time we left Cub 3’s classroom, I had the worst headache ever!  It was probably from holding in my emotions after seeing what Cub 3 experiences every day!  She pleaded with us to take her with us (and I wanted to take her), but they were in the middle of a spelling test and vocabulary test.  I told her that I would be back to pick her up after she ate lunch.

PB and I had different views on how to approach this problem.  PB wanted Cub 3 out of the class. I told him that principals don’t just move students around because of disgruntled parents.  Anyway, to make an already too long story short, we had an opportunity to talk with the principal about the classroom environment, the teacher, and a few of the behavior problems.  She was very appreciative and accepting of our offers to come in and mentor a few students a couple of days each week.

Here’s the thing that blows my mind:  Cub 3 never complains about her class!  She has said that she has a bad class before, but she still loves school.  I would’ve expected her to dread going to school each day.  I even asked her if any of the behavior problems mess with her, and besides one incident, she actually doesn’t have any problems with the students.  One of the little girls that I talked to actually helps Cub 3 with her basketball skills at recess.  Is the Jesus in Cub 3 shining brightly in her class?  Can her classmates see that there is something different about her?  THANK GOD FOR HIS COVERING!! 

Use this story as your reminder to cover your cubs in prayer before they head out for school.  We have no idea what they sometimes have to deal with each day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!