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Wait For It

That moment when you receive exactly what you asked for …   … that was Cub 2 on Christmas morning when he realized that the biggest wrapped box was for him, and that it contained a full set of drums!  I guess the drumsticks in his stocking weren’t a great clue because he loses drumsticks in band class like they’re pencils.

I think I love this picture because I know this feeling.  When I pray and wait and pray and wait and it seems like God just isn’t going to answer me, I get discouraged and feel as though I must’ve done something wrong.  However, just when I get to the point of giving up and thinking it’s never going to happen, God answers!!  He answers and that feeling of gratitude – because I wasn’t quite sure if what I was asking for was in line with what God had planned for me – is just indescribable!  It usually comes out in tears and high-fives to God and sometimes my happy dance (if I have on the right shoes).  I love those moments!

So listen.  Don’t give up yet!  Ask Jesus to help you to remain faithful while you wait. It’s so worth it!

Momma Bear