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My Punctuation Lesson

Cub 3 is a great reader.  Once the light switch went off last year in first grade, her reading has always been above grade level.  Each week, for homework, she brings home a passage to read to help with her reading fluency.  It’s meant to help her read with more accuracy, at an appropriate speed with correct expression.  We spend the most time working on the “with correct expression” part of the homework assignment.  Cub 3 reads a story like a robot – no expression at all.  She has to read the same passage thirteen times over the course of a week.  By the end of the week, we start battling over her expression. I have a difficult time trying to get her to pay attention to the punctuation at the end of a sentence.


There is no school today.

There is no school today?

There is no school today!

Parents and children in our county are waking up with one of these sentences on their lips.  I can honestly relate to all three of them right now.

There is no school today (period).  This sentence is just meant to confirm that the early morning phone call and text message from our county was indeed to let us know that they had cancelled school for the day.  I’ve registered it in my mind, but of course, I cannot fall back to sleep because I immediately start thinking about the next sentence.

There is no school today (question mark).  Why the question mark?  Well, we didn’t prepare for this snow storm like we prepared for the blizzard.  We were caught off guard.  So, our cubs will be waking up to no milk for their cereal and I’m pretty sure the rest of the snacks will be gone before lunch time.  Keeping the cubs fed and entertained on snow days always takes some effort.  The test will be how long can they manage until Poppa Bear (PB) can dig out a car and safely make it to a store.

There is no school today (exclamation point). Besides not having their favorite snow day snacks, I think it’ll be a good day!  I LOVE having PB and my cubs at home with me!  We will be painting and pretending and dancing and wrestling and totally making a mess of everything that is neat and tidy!


I’m starting to hear footsteps above me, which means someone is up and already searching for breakfast.  May your day be filled with periods, questions marks, and exclamation points!

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Momma Bear



2 thoughts on “My Punctuation Lesson”

  1. Happy Snow Day to you! You really got a load! We were iced in for about an hour so had a school delay. Grandchildren now number 11. Our oldest is now in college and doing well. The youngest turned one about a month ago. Such fun to be close to them and to enjoy their doings.
    We’ll be moving soon to be near the other family near Charlotte in the next month. I’ll get you the new contact info soon. Blessings on your young reader! I’m tutoring one with the same inclination.

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