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Beware of Falling Birds!

Am I overprotective? I don’t know…I think so…sometimes I am…like today.  Today is a true overprotective kind of day, and I’m okay with that! Cub 4 is playing hooky today because most of her class is on a field trip. They are on their way to an island to release their class pet turtle, Lilo, back into his environment. As much as she wanted to go, she was afraid of the boat ride that they were going to have to take to get to the island. Since neither myself nor Poppa Bear (PB) would be with her, I had no problem saying she didn’t have to go if she was hesitant about the boat ride. I was more concerned about her being exposed to some type of allergen that would involve using her Epipen or inhaler while on the island or while traveling to or from the island. Therefore, I’m proudly being overprotective today and planning to spoil Cub 4 a little with a movie, lunch, and some shopping!
While mapping out our plans for today, I had to pause and thank God for Cub 4’s amazing teacher (it is Teacher Appreciation Week, by the way). Mrs. Haney has been the best at keeping us informed with the details of class projects and assignments that could become triggers for Cub 4’s asthma or food allergies. Besides providing all of the details about potential hazards like today’s field trip, she has differentiated lessons just for our cub. They recently made bird feeders for Earth Day, but instead of using seeds, they used Cheerios so that Cub 4 wouldn’t have to be exposed to sunflower or sesame seeds. She was so excited about hanging her bird feeder out on a tree in our front yard.

Unfortunately, birds don’t seem to have much luck with surviving around our house, so we moved her bird feeder across the street to the edge of a little patch of woods that would be safer for the birds.
We have an issue with birds crashing into our house and knocking themselves out. Seriously, it’s not unusual for us to step out of our front door to find a dead bird on our steps or on the ground. It took us some time to figure out what was happening, but we think it’s because our huge window reflects the trees from across the street. 

We think the birds are deceived by the reflection of the trees in the glass. Some of the birds manage to avoid crashing by changing their flight pattern quickly. One actually ended up flying into our house while my MB was packing up her car once! However, at least 4-5 times per year, some just can’t recover and one of the boy cubs have to scoop up a dead bird and toss it into the woods across the street.  
Our deceiving window reminded me of just how easy it is to get caught in a bad situation, a bad relationship, a bad job, a bad environment, and before we know it, we’ve been knocked out, badly hurt, and left unable to recover from what we thought was safe and comfortable.  
Some of the choices we make could very well leave us as dead as the birds on our front steps, if we’re not careful.  We might fall down because of our own wrong choices, or we may get knocked down because of the effects of someone else’s wrong choice, but remember that with God’s help we can get back up and try again. God gives us unlimited second chances!

Happy Hump Day!

Momma Bear


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