This evening, Cub 1 and I finished designing his class ring before taking him to his final driving class.  CLASS RINGS and DRIVING CLASSES! His high school graduation is a blink-of-an-eye away now!  I just need these milestones with him to slow way down, and not just with him.  Two of my baby cousins (because I still think of them as my baby cousins) and my oldest nephew are all graduating this year.  Over the weekend, the cubs and I headed out to Harrisonburg, VA to celebrate with one of my cousins who graduated from James Madison University.  Yay, Khadijah!!

After the graduation party, we had no reason to rush back home, so I decided to take the scenic route back by driving through the Shenandoah National Park via Skyline Drive. On our way to Harrisonburg, my cubs discussed with excitement about how big the mountains were, so I thought the cubs would be blown away by how beautiful the landscape would look from 3000+ feet.

  However, the drama that unfolded still has me smiling even now while I’m typing!  It was breathtaking and beautiful to me, but a couple of the cubs found it to be frightening and stressful and were eager to get back down the mountain.  We pulled over to get out and take a picture, but Cub 1 was too uneasy to enjoy the view.  The signs warning about falling rocks didn’t help either!  After seeing that warning, Cub 1 wouldn’t let anyone talk anymore as if their voices would somehow make the rocks come tumbling down on us.  Thankfully, there were no tears.   We laughed all the way back down the mountain and definitely made some road trip memories that will be talked about forever.

It’s amazing what a change in your perspective can do!  The same mountains that we “ooh”ed and “aah”ed over were now a little too much to handle. All of a sudden, the mountains were no longer exciting and majestic.  Changing the cubs’ position in relation to the mountain resulted in a change in their reactions to the mountain. It’s all about the experience.  Our experiences can cause our perspective to change.  Hopefully, they’re good changes!

A different perspective can change impatience into patience; hate into love; sadness into joy; chaos into peace; giving up into perseverance; disobedience into faithfulness.  Changing your perspective can change your life!

For Mother’s Day, I was able to spend the entire day doing absolutely nothing mommy related!  One of the things that I did on my day off was visit Barnes & Noble.  I decided to purchase the book, Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.  Poppa Bear didn’t totally follow my directions and bought me a gift “from the kids”.  Can you guess what it was?  Yep!  It was a copy of Fervent by Priscilla Shirer!  I just love him!  

So, I’m giving away my second copy of the book.  If you are looking to up your prayer game, I highly recommend this book!  I’m going to war against the enemy, and I want someone else to get the same coaching on how to do it effectively that I’m learning.  To get in the drawing for this copy, leave an answer to this Mother’s Day question in the comments section:  What is one thing that you’ve learned from your mother/mother figure?

A winner will be chosen and posted here on Sunday morning, May 15th!

Happy Weekend!
Momma Bear


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  1. The best thing I learned from my Mom, is that all things are possible thru God. My father was an alcoholic and didn’t always maintain a job (a symptom of the disease), but somehow my Mother managed to put 6 kids thru college and her highest annual salary was 24,000. When I would worry about her, she would say, Sharon, God can do anything, trust him. What other people thought was impossible for her, she just accepted as possible. She always put her kids before herself, as she would remind us, kids didn’t ask to come her, they deserve your best. I trust God and I’ve always tried to give my son my best.

  2. I’ve learned so many things from my mother. She’s an amazing lady!! It’s really hard to choose one thing. But one thing that she taught me was how to love.
    I know this is about moms but I want to make a shout out… Happy 66th Birthday Stevie Wonder!!! Lol

  3. I learned so much from my mom. My mom was and still is my ANGEL and I do miss her very much. She instilled in her four daughters the importance of carrying ourselves as ladies and respecting ourselves and others. My parents had the four girls before any boys were born.

    I can still hear her voice talking to the girls as we got older “listen, if you get married and it does not work out, you be sure if you allow another man in your life and you have children, he MUST treat your children as if they are his own. If not, you WALK AWAY!”

    It was wonderful growing up in a home where both parents knew that prayer worked and were God-Fearing parents! My mom was a WONDERFUL WOMAN!

  4. As always, this is an awesome post! I am still learning from my mom. She’s always valued being a good friend. Some of her closest friendships lasted over 40 years…others are new but just as golden. In recent years, mom has unknowingly taught me about friendship in times of need or sorrow. Simply put, friends love you for who you are and they will always find a way to be by your side.

  5. I’ve learned from my mother how to perservere when being a mother and wife is tough. I’m still learning and struggling at times but she was a woman of God and daily on her knees in prayer for us all. She made it all look so easy.

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