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Wide Awake!

I knew better than to drink McDonald’s sweet sugary tea well past 2:00pm!  It’s 1:30am and I’m wide awake.  Let’s hope that writing this post brings about some zzz’s or Poppa Bear (PB) just might discover me nodding off in church later this morning! 

My cubs start school this week.  Cubs 3 and 4 return to school on Monday, and Cubs 1 and 2 return to school on Tuesday.  This is the first time EVER that we couldn’t participate in any Meet & Greet events since we have been out of town so much over the past month. We don’t know which teachers the girl cubs will have this year, so Monday morning is even more exciting!  I did manage to purchase school supplies that are all still sitting in bags on the dining room table and floor.  We’ll be hosting a labeling party in the dining room, if you’re interested in coming over later.  It’s no fun feeling like you’re behind before you even get started, you know?

Speaking of being behind brings me to another thought – we did absolutely nothing academic this summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.  I haven’t even had time to care about that.  Can they really fall behind that much in a couple of months?  I think not…I hope not.  We ALL needed a break!

Speaking of breaks brings me to another thought – I just remembered that we were supposed to wrap Cub 3’s broken ring finger and pinky together for two weeks and we never did! We would manage to do 2-3 days and then forget! Ha! I hope she doesn’t end up with a permanently crooked finger that somehow affects her dream of becoming a WNBA basketball player.

Speaking of dreams brings me to another thought – I should really wrap this up and try to make myself go to sleep.  Alright, right after sharing some random pictures from my photo library:

The cubs had a water balloon fight on Cub 3’s birthday.  Cub 2 had no pity on Cub 4!

We get lots of comments about how well-behaved our cubs are in church.  Well, now I have proof that that’s not always the case!

Back to school means back to Friday family movie nights! 

You might be wondering why I have a picture of our church in my photo library.  Well…I just LOVE our church family! 

Okay, one more and I’m going to sleep for real:

Yep, I’m going to work off all of this summer weight gain starting this week!  

I’m done! Good night (or morning)!

Momma Bear