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Find Your Peace

Earlier today, the Party of Six celebrated the baptism of Cub 4!  She had a fantastic day with family and friends at church.  Then, we continued her celebration at Dave & Buster’s before calling it a day.  Welcome to God’s family, Cub 4!!



Later, back at home, I snapped this happening at the kitchen table:


Cub 1 was talking to Cub 3: “We have big heads.  Big heads mean that we are smarter than the average person…” (What??!!). Although it did make her smile, Cub 3 had a little anxiety.  Earlier, Cub 3 decided to write her teacher a letter asking her to make the math, science, reading, and writing lessons clearer to understand.  All of this in an effort to “crush” a classmate who loves to brag about how smart he is, and he loves to point out when she gets something wrong.  So, Cub 3 decided that she was stupid.  The minutes that followed involved Cub 1, Poppa Bear (PB), and me trying to convince her that (1) she is smart and (2) she shouldn’t compare herself to this student.  Isn’t that just like the enemy to find that one person to get under our skin so bad that we don’t think we’re good enough?  Instead of letting jealousy, envy, or selfish ambition overtake your mind, pray for peace.  Peace brings about contentment with what God has blessed each of us to have, and it enables us to do what God has blessed us to be able to do, without comparing our blessings and gifts to someone else’s gifts or blessings.

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives; love, joy, PEACE, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  There is no law against these things! Galatians 5:22-23 (emphasis mine)

Momma Bear



2 thoughts on “Find Your Peace”

  1. Congratulation’s Moriah’s! I love all the pictures, especially the last one of Micah and Leah! It looks as if he is praying over her. What a blessing it is when your kids know who to turn to without us having to always direct them! God is truly in their heads and heart’s.

  2. Congrats Moríah on your baptism!!!!! Good is soooooo good. I too face these same issues with my little one. And yes, it takes the holy spirit to renew our minds.

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