Catching Up (I Hope)

For some strange reason, each time I write a new blog post it disappears into the blogmosphere and I get messages like this:

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I thought I’d try one more time before giving up and starting over.  So, to catch up on my #write31days challenge, here’s a summary of days 3-6.

DAY 3: Cubs 3 and 4 have gymnastics on Mondays and while in the observation area, I had the “privilege” of listening to a lady on her phone loudly complaining about her pastor and how he doesn’t like staying behind the pulpit, how the young adults are not giving any money to the church, how the older members are carrying the church, what happened to the $52,000, and finally she said, “he just needs to find another congregation”.  I kid you not.  I had to practice a little self-control and patience as I wanted so badly to tell the lady trashing her church and pastor to just hang up the phone.  She was not helping the Kingdom-building process at all. #FruitOfTheSpiritWin

DAY 4: Poppa Bear (PB) has to take Cub 2 to school by 7:00am on Tuesdays for band practice.  Cub 2 attends school on a nearby Army base and we have to get clearance at the beginning of the school year in order to transport him to and from school.  Cub 2 has a friend whose parents have yet to get their clearance, so after dropping off Cub 2, PB picked up his friend at the visitor’s center (where his parent left him) in order to get him to band practice.  When PB pulled up to the gate, he was made aware that picking someone up and then proceeding to go through the gate could have gotten him arrested!  After explaining what was happening, he was allowed through.  Then, he failed to stop at a flashing red light and was pulled over…on government property…which resulted in a hefty citation.  By the time he safely delivered Cub 2’s friend to the school and called me, the last thing he wanted to hear was “You didn’t know that you needed to stop at a flashing red light?!”  That didn’t help at all.  After I picked up on his I-really-wanna-hang-up-on-you-right-now tone, I realized I probably should’ve kept that thought in my head.  #FruitOfTheSpiritFail

DAY 5: Wednesday was the last night of our fall revival at FBCNB.  We had Bishop Rudolph McKissick as our guest.  He was Awe.Some.  Cub 3 became an instant fan, but was extremely shy around him.  She decided that she wanted to get his autograph, but was afraid to ask.  In steps big brother, Cub 1 to the rescue.  He asked Bishop for his autograph for Cub 3 and he obliged, of course.  Cub 3 found it much easier to say thank you to Bishop afterwards.  #FruitOfTheSpiritWin for Cub 1 showing kindness towards his sistercub.

DAY 6: Yesterday was our first night of being able to eat dinner together at home.  Family time is a must and we miss it when our schedules don’t allow for dinnertime together.  Our table time is jam packed with stories about the school day mostly.  It almost always ends with loud, head back-mouth open laughs at something that a cub says or does.  They cut on each other regularly.  They tease PB about his twitching eye when he’s mad.  They argue about who has the biggest head or smallest ears.  Cub 2 will always throw in that he will end up being the tallest person in our family.  Cub 4 usually gets bored with the conversation and moves into the family room to dance or tumble.  It’s the best time of the day to find joy and love in our house! #FruitOfTheSpiritWin

This catches me up on my fruit checks!  Let’s see if this post disappears like the others.  If not, I’ll chat with you all soon!

Momma Bear